Actually Honest Premise Review (WordPress Plugin for Marketing pages)

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Premise is a plugin that lets you create landing pages and membership pages using WordPress. In this video, you’ll get a tour and an actual honest review of the plugin. Also check out the link above to see the full roundup review comparing Premise to OptimizePress, Authority Pro 2, ProAffiliate and many more.



Hi there – great review – toroughly enjoied it. I was wondering if you have
any previous reviews on the “Sensei’ WordPress plug in? Cheers

isitebuild says:

I was initially tempted to get Premise since they were offering a discount
and will be taking it off the market..they say it will return with a hosted
option. After viewing your video I decided against the purchase and will
look for an alternative..perhaps optimize press ..what are your
recommendations for membership/landing page plugin?

Steve Pederson says:

Thanks! Very helpful review!

Lori Rubenstein says:

thank you! 

imimpact says:

Thank you very much, Peter!

Ryan Nagy says:

I bought premise a year ago and then got my money back as I am not a
designer and the “blind” editing thing was impossible for me. Any idea if
anything has changed with Premise? Have you re-reviewed it recently?
Thanks! Ryan

Kelly Carter says:

Thanks for such a thorough and objective review. I’m sure Premise will
improve over time, so viewers should keep that in mind. One should really
exercise the Free Trial of Premise to see what has been improved and what

Peter Ingersoll says:

Excellent, Shane! I agree with others stating the difficulty of finding
objective reviews with all the hype-generating affiliate links. I recently
discovered your content (and, even though I own Premise, I purchased Hybrid
Connect), and you have risen high on my list of experts I know, like, and
trust. Thanks!

JamieLegerTV says:

great review shane. Ya, bit dissappointed in the fact that they’ve got the
budget and the talent to make something extraordinary, i mean they have the
man power to put out a market dominating membership platform…. It
confuses me, but then I’m guessing the reason being that the audience their
targeting who’ll BUY it is older folks who just want something simple… A
Anyway, great review.

imimpact says:

Thanks! It does seem like they would be in a position to do better. It
probably comes down to a cost-return balance. They can make something like
this and sell it successfully. They could invest a lot more to make
something better, but it might not pay off proportionally to the investment.

MsThinkology says:

Thanks for the objective assessment so hard to find them these days with
all the affiliate programs being offered

Arvid Yap says:

That was such a through review! Do you know if they have taken some of your
critique onboard and done anything about the blind customization problem?

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