Contact Form 7 Plugin Install for WordPress

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This is a video tutorial teaching how to install and configure contact form 7 for WordPress. You will also need Really Simple CAPTCHA plugin too which I teach how to get both of them working within WordPress admin panel.


Michael Resendes says:

Perfect! Thank You! 

Kara Griffin says:

Thank you so much! I am not very tech-savy and your directions are so
clear! Thank you!! 

David Armenta says:

My tool drop down menu doesn’t have Contact Form 🙁 LOST

grdoje1 says:

Helpful, thanks :-).

Rob Jones says:

Thanks! It worked!!!

rsforyou com au says:

thank you, working ok

Emilio Garcia says:

yea thank you!!!!

laure cuvillier says:

Great thank you!

Toshara Odom says:

Thank you! This video was a great help!

sssdornier says:

thank you so much for your generous tutorial. I really needed it. Thanks

stevenjulieanderson says:


Moe Bedard says:

Good tutorial on such an excellent web design tool. WordPress has become so
essential it can be used for blogging, forums and website building. Check
out the latest videos on my channel called How To Create An Author Box In
Wordpress and What is a WordPress Plugin? These videos will help to make
using WordPress easier.

KentFraYouTjube says:

Theres no captcha image when i try load my page. Everything else appears
just as yours. What could be my issue?.. I know how mess around in the
directories thru FTP

gregorygroupnet says:

wordpressjunkie, Another point to consider.

Ali Imran says:

thank u for ur toturials


thx man very good video …..

Louiseevans222 says:

i really dont know what to do i deleted my plugin on the side

AndreaaMC13 says:

Thank you, very good.

pericolosamenti says:


musica26 says:

Thank you so much for this!!! This is five star information. I was able to
follow this step by step and it work perfectly. Thanks again

Rik says:

@TheProgrammerChris Hey Guy,, the WP he uses is older version. It is in its
own box on the left now… it does work – just like he says…

querzer says:

I’ve changed the name of my WordPress directory, and now my CAPTCHA isn’t
working. The Contact Form 7 was working perfectly before I changed it. Do
you have any idea why?

S Crawford says:

Great video Craig! Thanks alot dude!

Bobisworld says:

Thank you so much for this video! I use it every time I need to put a
contact form on my blog! You’re Awesome.

Steve Ford says:

I was forgetting to paste the contact form 7 code into the HTML part of the
contact page and was pulling my hair out wondering why it wasn’t working
properly. Your video has taught me where i was going wrong and saved me
from baldness! Thanks for uploading.

Matt Thorpe says:

Thanks a lot. Very simple vid for a noobie!

kbee213 says:

Awesome and easy form to setup, Thanks a bunch!

LoveWordpress says:

Thanks Craig – that’s a great video – I’ve used this Contact Form plugin
myself and found it to be really easy and reliable to use. By the way
you’re getting some great viewing figures for this video! Congratulations –

Don Milo says:

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amazing. just check it out: /watch?v=oPzHG70lTj4

Raneosa says:

Thanks a lot .. its was very useful But i have a question .. what if i want
to add a new field ? ( like Phone number ) Thanks again.

Sweeping Sweeper says:

My Contact Form isn’t aliging one after the other. Rather the Captcha
labels and textfield appear beside the CF.

Yoo TaekEun says:

Thanks it helped me a lot

Ольга Богданова says:

I really needed it. Thank you very very much!!

Lone Ranger says:

TQVM!! its really helpful!!

Don Lett says:

This was very helpful, thank you very much!!!

Marc Aiken says:

Thank God I found this, much time saved. Thank you very much.

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