how to add google analytics to wordpress websites

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Full tutorial here:

how to add google analytics to wordpress

How to install google analytics on your wordpress site using and the Google Analytics for WordPress plugin. For more awesome WordPress and online marketing tools and techniques, check out:


Andreas Sandström says:

Thanks for sharing! This helped a lot!

Natoya Ammon says:

Thanks alot very helpful!

Dubulous Acosta says:

The Google Analytics for WP plugin you recommend is unable to run Universal
Analytics which Google is updating to exclusively rendering “Classic”
Analytics obsolete. Do you have a tutorial on How to install Google
Universal Analytics onto a WordPress site?

micheal lee says:

Thanks Aaron for your help you the best.

Nicholas Haynes says:

Great video…simple and easy to understand. I followed it step by step and
it worked perfectly. Thanks for sharing!

Dame colquhoun says:

I did exactly what you said, I am nervous to if I should still do it
manually but I will trust your expertise. When I add the UA code though
how long does it take if you had to guess

Joyce Franklin says:

Thanks for sharing.

Robb Gorringe says:

Great video. Thanks for walking us thru it!

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