How to insert Contact Form 7 into the sidebar of a WordPress website

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This video shows you how easy it is to insert a contact form into the sidebar of a WordPress website using the Contact Form 7 plugin. There is a high definition version at


Michael Perrigo says:

Thanks! You’re a LIFESAVER!

Marvin Blaine says:

Thank You! Great instruction!!!

Quincy Mendez says:

Thanks, this is just what I needed!

Andrea Hamilton says:

Thank you – I’ve always wondered how to do this and your video was the
first time I searched.

davis2022 says:

It worked ‘except’ the ‘your message’ area stayed much wider.

Ian Davies says:

Thanks for you comment. It’s much appreciated. 🙂

TheGreenCar2010 says:

Thanks for the video. it really helped me. I only have one question left. I
want to adjust the height of the message box. Is that possible?

Troy Robins says:

Thanks Ian. I watched a few video’s before I found yours. Nice and concise.

Ian Davies says:

That’s a great question, though unfortunately I don’t know the answer. I’ll
find out for you and post an update. 🙂

Madeline George says:

Thank you so much for this tutorial. I spent the last three days trying to
figure out how to do this, and you showed me in 10 minutes! Thanks!!!!!!!!

HowToHeadquarters says:

Nice tutorial. I’ve been using the do_shortcode method, but this is much

webwomantas says:

Thanks – that was super-simple, thanks to you!

Ian Davies says:

Hi TheGreenCar2010. Sorry I didn’t get back to you quicker. You can’t
adjust the height of the message box. It will expand automatically as you
add more text.

Ian Davies says:

Hey @createspace1 It’s my pleasure! I have more WordPress tutorials on the

Ian Davies says:

My pleasure 🙂

jojojovich says:

Thanks Ian! I’m using Twenty-Twelve theme though, and am not sure if that
may be why my contact form’s message area persists in “bleeding” off the
edge of my page, even after setting its width to 15, 10 and 5, versus your
suggested 25, which works for the width in the other lines, just not the
message box. I’d also see you showing how to add different sidebars to
different pages. Thanks again. 🙂

Ian Davies says:

Thanks, Troy. I’m pleased to see you found it useful. 🙂

Pali Madra says:

Thank you for the video – you made it pretty simple!

Monika Zábojníková says:

hi, i have the same problem. i need theme suffusion. thanks a lot for answer

Ian Davies says:

That’s @palimadra. I’m pleased you found the video useful. 🙂

David Manaute says:

Very useful. It worked right away! Thanks

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