Social Media Marketing – WordPress Tutorial

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Business Outsourcing Solutions says:

Wow! This tutorial is cool. It helps you become more productive. Imagine
how much time would it save you

albert tavasci says:

I have to say I was impressed with the common sense and to the point your
video was. I am looking at you websitesmadeasy program.

Jared Broxterman says:

hey james, we have talked on the phone before I believe. I really need help
with my word press

Jeffrey Redondo says:

Awesome information!

resty boy de lira says:

ohhhhh i learned

Inspirational Hunter says:

Love this video. Such good information, interesting to watch and very good
big picture approach. Thanks!

Vamsi Tankala says:

Wonderful presentation and very useful information… thank you.

Kelly Mac Neill says:

James, loved the video! Very helpful….looking forward to next one!

Edelman Lopez says:

I don’t see that icon neither blue nor orange anywhere in the url either on

Reynalyn G. says:

Is there any free online WordPress wherein we could generate our blog? or
do we need to install it? I’m a beginner and your tutorial helps me to
understand a lot about it. Hoping to hear from you soon ^_^. 

Ramón Espinosa says:

Hey James, thank you for this video. It’s great for a newbie like me. Great
ideas I am going to implement in my website.

Lola Smith says:

Hi. Please can you tell me how to get the rss from chrome? I’m watched this
video over 5 times but still can’t find it. Please reply me. Thanks

Kris Shrestha says:

Great video !

Ruhtra Jacobs says:

This is the “Bomb”! I have been trying to do this for years. Thank You!

Rolando Sta. Cruz says:

i got problem with twitterfeed. my URL is not acceptable to twitterfeed. i
don’t know why

James Stafford says:
Lynn Pangburn DC says:

Hi James! I think you are going to be a God Send for me. Where do you
find the RSS link on Google Chrome? (Also, there isn’t an icon next to the
address bar for Firefox.)

Liz Carol says:

This tutorial is a MUST for anyone new to WordPress as I am. Lots of
information for optimizing your site in addition to building it. Packed
with so much information. Thank you!

Solomon Eseme says:

Automated Social Media Marketing

Ken Lennox says:

One of the best WP videos I’ve seen so far. Glad I found it! Very easy to
follow! In fact, I set up a website following these instructions. Took me
about 2-3 hours. Not bad for my first WP site!
ps you have a new subscriber

Jeremy Lee says:

I have watched your some of your videos and put then in to practice on my
Wordpress site and I moved from page six to page one in just a couple of

Arma Glove says:

Another awesome one…

michael Tolliday says:

great video….really believe i now have all my seo and online presence
sorted following your tutorial

Joseph Simpson says:

James, you’re clear and articulate, and your insights and information make
sense. Thank you for your great generosity.

John Staunton says:

Thanks James, this video was a great help to get me started.

Stacy Hammond says:

Great information ! I love how you explain everything clearly. Thanks

Andrew Armstrong says:

Great video, I can’t wait till the next one. Keep up the great work.

James Stafford says:

Absolutely! Thanks.. stay tuned..

Acewave33 says:

Can you use these same method of your creating a social network

Cha0s e-Sports Productions says:

Would love to see some info on creating website traffic in general as well
as SEO suggestions! Hope the next episode is as good as this one!

James Stafford says:

Be sure to check out my site WebsitesMadeEasy . tv for SEO tactics,
strategies & more…

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