WordPress Coupon Code Plugin – Introduction Video

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Read more: http://CouponCodePlugin.com
A brief introduction into the WordPress Coupon Code Plugin which allows you to protect your affiliate links and provide a sleek solution for providing coupon and discount codes to your readers.


Neil Deavers says:

I have created a lot of wordpress websites and from my experience I can
tell you that WordPress configuration can be a huge hassle and most
marketers get it wrong. So I decided to create a video training course.
watch it here: –> /watch?v=ADq7H0bA4MM <– or click on my username

Jeffrey Rickard says:

I work as a web designer and I recorded some video tutorials for wordpress
users. WordPress developers say that this is the most comprehensive
wordpress video series of 2013. You can find a link to this training on my
channel. check it out.

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