WordPress Coupon Plugin

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Get this at http://ql2.me/1/dealpon/ WordPress coupon plugin

If you need a coupon plugin for your wordpress blog then this is it!

wp dealpon, the complete wordpress coupon plugin.
coupon sites are growing in popularity every day
groupon has over 50 million subscribers and over 22 million sales
people love a bargain!

wp dealpon lets you run your very own automated, time based, coupon offers directly from your wordpress site

just add a quick short code and you’re good to go

no need to worry about different time zones

wp dealpon is synced automatically and when the timer on your offer reaches zero it disables automatically

it’s totally set and forget!

drive a torrent of visitors to your site as they scramble to cash in on your real time special offers

if you’re a marketer this will drive your epc’s and conversion rates through the roof!
because wp dealpon is a plugin, it’s super simple to add to any wordpress blog
and you can display anything you want in the coupon
video, images, text , you have all the flexibility you need with wp dealpon
how about making your ‘too good to be true’ coupons go viral?
well now you can with our built in facebook sharing feature
wp dealpon gives you total control!

it can be easily customized, allowing you to display your offers in an attractive stylish way
and because it’s a plugin and not a theme there’s no need to change the design of your site
show it on any page or post you want
wp dealpon lets you do so much more
grab your copy now!


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