WordPress: How to Install and Use Contact Form 7

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www.anjouconsulting.com brings you a WordPress Weekly video on how to install and use Contact Form 7, the popular WordPress plugin that allows you to create custom contact forms on your website or blog.


Malia Maya says:

Awesome tutorial. Thanks a million

36CMack says:

The information was very good, but at times it was hard to hear due to the
music. It would have been better to keep the music at a lower level and in
the background so your voice would have been easier to hear.

Andrew m says:

can any one help please
on my contact form i have square box that is shady background where the
fields are but the shady background is smaller then the fields how can i
make this bigger or change it to a white background 

Skopelos says:

Hi there…
I noticed that you didn’t use at all the “Tag Generator”, which in my
opinion, and as a beginner at this form, makes one’s life much easier! How
about the new “Date” fields that now come in the tag generator. It would be
nice to get an updated tutorial on those as well.
Thank you for this video…

Clay Sinclair says:

another great contact form in wordpress is best contact form. Search the
plugin section for “best contact form” (without the parenthesis) and
install it from there. It’s free, easy to use and tracks keywords.

Wm Raub says:

nice job and not too geeky :)

Niki Bullas says:

Hi Anjou, thanks so much for this simple-to-follow tutorial. I really was
stumped about how to go about using this plugin – now feeling much more
confident. Thanks

Oretha DeBrew says:

Great presentation! Thank you.

Brian Studwick says:

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wordpress. It really is the best wordpress package of 2013. visit my
channel and find the link I have posted for this training

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