Awesome Filterable Portfolio Video Tutorial – WordPress Plugin

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The ‘Awesome Filterable Portfolio’ is a WordPress plugin that allows designers, artists, photographers to create, manage and publish via a WordPress site a very modern and outstanding portfolio that can be filtered using smooth animations.

Use the shortcode : [af-portfolio]



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jayant rawat says:

How can i add more effect on it can you please help me . There are only
Four effects in it

moiabxl says:

Nice plugin but can’t add more than one category per project : (
Will this option be implemented in the next version ?

silverdolla101 says:

This is AMAZING! Do you have any plans to make it responsive?

silverdolla101 says:

… and what if you want to project to multiple categories?

Dave Lawrence says:

On my new theme the portfolio items are all in one column on the left going
down instead of multiple columns. What is wrong? I can not figure out the

Dave Lawrence says:

When I activated my old theme again it was having the same problem. But it
was fine a week or two ago. I really want to use this portfolio as I think
it looks the best.

Mack Carman says:

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wordpress. WordPress experts agree that this is the most extensive
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syeth mujahid says:

how to upload many picture at once!??

Emily Pierce says:

Mine isn’t working correctly. I’ve tried contacting you several different
ways and no response.

Abderrahman Brini says:

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