Contact Form 7 – WordPress Plugin

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Close – Here’s a brief video on how to use Contact Form 7 for WordPress. It makes managing contact forms a breeze.


Beth Neibert says:

A relevant video about my favorite WordPress Contact Form plugin: Contact
Form 7. I hope you find it useful, too.

venkat raj says:

perfect !!

Suze Kenington says:

Thanks, that was clear and helpful

Marti Mouse says:

Thank you so much. This was most helpful!

Clive Bunch says:

Easy to understand tutorial, thank you!

Karina Borodina says:

Thank you!!!! Awesome video!

Edyta says:

Great tutorial. How do I check the messages sent me through the contact
form? Do I need to give WordPress my forward email address so I can get
those messages? Thanks

Ryan Leisinger says:

Question. What if I want to use a WordPress variable in the email? Example.
The post/page title as the default email subject or even just include that
info in the subject. I’ve tried dumping some php in there with no luck.

YeahCan Web Design says:

Excellent Video on WordPress, great job and thanks for making this video.

floatingsmartie says:

Thanks so much for this video, makes so much sense once someone explains it
to you!

Mohammad Younes says:

@zoopmedia yes, I do

Janet Polanco says:

Hi Justin, That was really helpful but I’m having problems with the upload
attachment. I added an upload button to my contact form but when my
customers send me a file I don’t see it attached in my email address. I
want to be able to be able to receive pdf and word files. Can you please
help me? Thank you.

LindaKKathryn says:

Thank you. You are a great teacher.

scura001 says:

It does not work on my site… It says that it has sent a mail… but it
does not come in (its a gmail adress and I checked the spam map…).

sssdornier says:

Hey it was really nice…thank u so much…keep it up…please also tell
about the radio buttons.

jjwright85 says:

@AnnaNovak123 Under the contact form settings page you can set the email
address that you want the form to send to. Whenever someone fills out the
form you will then get an email with the information inside of it.

zoopmedia says:

Interesting…I’ve never noticed that before. I’ll let you know if I can
figure it out.

zoopmedia says:

Thanks for checking out the video. If you ever need help, let us know and
we can try and create a tutorial for you!

namfonnaja5566 says:

I want to know how can I restrict email more than one (that receive the
information) each email per one choice when people selected the choice in
dropdown menu (I’ve created it from generate tag) ? Thank you for your
reply I’m beginner. ^^

buffsfilms says:

Really great tutorial, much appreciated! Took me approximately 9 mins to
get my Contact 7 form installed! Thanks.

zoopmedia says:

@MajorMoyo90 Do you have a valid email address in the mail to section of
the contact form setup page?

jjwright85 says:

Did you make sure to put the fields you added in the message body as well
so that they show up in the email? For example, you would put this in the
form for a dropdown menu: [select menu-638] And then this would go in the
message body where you want that field to show up in the email you get:
[menu-638] Hope that helps, Justin

Frank Rowan says:

I am work on Canvas. When I select Plugins, add new is not an option. Any
ideas? Thanks.

Russ Marchewka says:

thank you. I am a wordpress idiot and that helped.

edrelease says:


Chesley Thompson says:

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about wordpress. WP developers agree that this is the most comprehensive
wordpress training ever created. You can watch a sample video from this
course on my channel.

Diana B Kent says:

Thank you for your short video…it really helped.

Success Rule says:

Thanks fella!!!

Rhei Triunfo says:

this video really help me a lot with my contact page, i have use other
plugins but this one is great… thanks

itay ari says:

great review ‘ can you add a phone number box? thanks

Dave Whitley says:

@MajorMoyo90 I also have the same problem, even though the message said it
was sent.

stylo5363069 says:

why dont i recieve e-mail at my given e-mail address neither in spaam or
junk too

Kitrina Caputo says:

Justin – this is a great video. It is easy to follow and has been very
helpful. I need a little help with uploading an image. I can browse to find
the image, but can’t upload it as it doesn’t give me the ability…am I
missing something somewhere?? Thanks for your time and your help!

Gofantasticmaids says:

Hey Justin, Great video. I like the form. My problem is i created some
fields like name and address work perfect. But fields like zip code, drown
down menus and phone number shows up in the form. I just don’t recieve it
on the body of the e-mail when someone fills it out. Please help?

WestCountyBootCamps says:

talk about blog ignorance. I’m trying to add a plugin but I don’t even see
a category for “Plug-Ins”. I have a wordpress blog but I see nothing that
says plug-in. Do I have to upgrade or should I be able to use plugins with
the free wordpress blog?

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