Create a WordPress Plugin with PHP in 10 Minutes

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Learn the basics of setting up a WordPress plugin in PHP code, including how to setup a menu item and page in the WordPress administration area.


wu yan says:

very nice tutorial..

a sincere blessing form hong kong..

god bless you and the world..


RandomBoosh says:

Finnally, a good, in depth tutorial of what I wanted this whole time.
Thanks! :)

Bakul Sinha says:


HeavensDisciplesLabs says:

Thanks for the tutorial on the basic setup of a WordPress plugin.

Craig Rosenblum says:

Your site isn’t accessible anymore.

iperezgenius says:

Very basic but informative. thanks really appreciate it

Emad Ha says:

what a creature, in 10 minutes u ?, i spend the whole video listenin to ur
‘ummm, ermmm, ehhh, euuuhh, bhhhh, bvvvvv, tjjjjj, basicaly’, make it more

Jacob Hodgson says:

Perfect, Thanks.. on to the next step..

Pætur Mortensen says:

It would be helpful if you shared the link to the written tutorial in the

sydcode says:

Very helpful, thanks!

Vinay N says:

that was extremely useful, thank you very much.

Kusum Shaw says:

Great…….. i really want to create my plugin and your this tutorial
really help me a lot.

Earnestine Vaugh says:

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Othman Abahsain says:

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