Free WordPress Popup Plugin – WP Super Popup

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Geovani Araujo says:

Niquelle, i’m from brazil and i ‘d like to say thanks about your tutorial.
You help me somuch. Thanks!

Brighid Bartosh says:

Thank you! , Super easy explanation and very helpful!

Kathy Heffernon says:

Thank you! This was exactly what I needed!

Jordan Alexo says:

I resolved the issue. I had to go to settings of the plugin and alter,
“Custom Load” to “External Load”. Hope this helps anyone who is having the
same problem.

Jordan Alexo says:

I was trying to use this plugin for my website but for some reason it
doesn’t seem to work. I am not sure if it’s because of the theme that I am
using. Thanks for the explanation.

Anag Lama says:

all friend i like do mee

Fahad Mojumdar says:

Good (y)

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