How to Configure the WordPress SEO Plugin by Yoast (Joost de Valk)

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Steve Wiideman guides you step-by-step through the setup and configuration of Joost de Valk’s WordPress SEO plugin, including best practices and definitions.

Using this WordPress SEO tutorial may help you reduce indexing problems, and could help you improve placement within search engine results.


Laura Ludlow says:

great tutorial!

Abdul Kader says:


carlos aranibar says:

thank you very much steve it was very helpful !!

Badr Bouâzzaoui says:

Thank you for the tutorial, really helpful.

David Stott says:

Great video Steve. Thanks for posting up.

Ian Leila says:

Thanks for helping me properly set up my Yoast SEO Plugin. Great video

Diamond Darrell says:

You “ROCK” Buddy THX!!!!

Every Life Coach says:

Thank you for posting this. We are a startup company with little SEO
knowledge and this was easy enough to understand!

Keith Davis says:

Hi Steve I’ve been looking for a Yoast SEO setup video and this looks like
the one.

Much appreciated.

depramze says:

Thank You Steve

Denis Olanya says:

Thanks alot this was so helpful

Cars show Island says:

Very good video,
At the min 13, I have my author-sitemap.xml show up .How do I take this
off this list ?
Please Help .

Dana Miller says:

Great video. Thanks Steve!!

Alex P says:

Hi Steve even this is a old Tube post when I got to it, I still think is
good an like to say thnks for sharing.

Linortek says:

Steve, Thank you so much for the great video. It has been very useful.

IdealDesigns says:

Hi Steve,
Thank you for your great tutorial! I wanted to include XML sitemap but I
get a 404 not found message. How can I fix the issue? Thank you so much!

Jake Pranger says:

great video here, i really liked it. Ive been looking at a bunch of this
stuff lately. how long have you been in the industry?

Michael Hooks says:


Carl Weinschenk says:

Great job, Steve. I appreciate it.

Simos Kyriakides says:

Nice video!! very helpful

Kymmberly Gail says:

Very helpful, thanks so much for taking the time to do this.

GFTGSellingChallenge says:

Thanks for this easy to follow and understand video, Steve. I’d tried
Yoast’s and 2 other “how to’s” before learning about yours on the WordPress
forum. That actually sent me to an earlier one, pre-current plugin update,
but searching your list of videos led me here. Now I feel I have set up the
plugin properly! Your instructional style is excellent. Really appreciate
your sharing this with all of us not-so-technical types!

Gabfire Themes says:

How to Configure the #WordPress SEO Plugin by Yoast. Great Video Tutorial

Ying Lu says:

The video tutorial is very helpful. It is easy to follow. 

Jim Crawford says:

For those of you that use WordPress and do your own SEO you should check
out this video for Yoast – it explains step by step detail how to property
set up Yoast for your WordPress Blog How to Configure the WordPress SEO
Plugin by Yoast (Joost de Valk)

Keith Bell says:

Brilliant. Thank you very much!

SellwithPictures says:

Great info! Thanks for your time.

Eric Young says:

Thanks Steve. I enjoyed the video and it was very informative.

Mrko Kobo says:

Search engines DON’T use “meta keywords” then check this article by yoast
on 2011

Thomas Long says:

Great video, Thanks!

Jody Heath says:

hi Steve. Great video here. Can you tell me what software you used to
record your screen and cam in the corner? Thanks!

cb18mjd05 says:

Exactly what I was looking for…many thanks!

John Duggan says:

Steve, concise, clear and extreemly helpful guide to the best seo plugin
for wordpress. many thanks as the settings can be a bit daunting at first
but you made them comprehensible in a short time.

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