How to create a simple plugin and widget in WordPress

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Download the code files used in this tutorial at

In today’s video you will learn how to create a custom WordPress plugin and widget. It will be fairly simple, and will allow us to wrap whatever the user types into the widget field with our own custom HTML code. A great example of when you might use this is on a client’s website. For example, with a video embed, you could have the client just type in the youtube video ID, and you would automatically wrap it in the embed code to make their life easy.

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georges jean-denis says:

Thanks a lot man! Making a tutorial complete with a youtube video, a blog
and code source is an excellent idea.
The video is icing on the cake, but the link to your blog and the source
code make your tutorial very helpful indeed.
I could have just followed a text tutorial, however, some tutorials on the
web fail to give source code as an example.
I find it encourages me a lot more since I can follow the logic in the
source code. And when it’s time to make my own plugin,
it will be a lot easier to figure out where I went wrong since I might
understand your plugin’s logic completely.

If I have time in a three weeks or so, I might post whether or not my
plugin was successful.
However, I might post questions on your blog earlier if I have trouble.

BlizzerdTech says:

Where did you go?

Deepan Venkatesh says:

its great thanks mate i am a beginner but was able to do it now thanks zach

georges jean-denis says:

Great tutorial on making a WordPress plugin.

How to create a simple plugin and widget in WordPress

Zakaria khan says:

your awesome zach! 

Peter Simon says:

I am sure this is a useful tutorial. But what a pity I cannot read a single
character in your screen. Using a normal size monitor everything is burry
and just too small to figure out. Please think of the audience and use a
reasonable resolution next time.

Dawie Van Emmenes says:

I always wanted to surf down Mount Everest.

jurjen folkertsma says:

It would be awesome if you did a tutorial on how make a wordpress theme
from a html/php site (and how to make it work responsive) .

Anyway love your tutorials, you earned a subscriber.

Jeroen Martens says:

Dude your beard show you are a true coder. Coders never shave ! 🙂 Thanks
was looking for this one.

Muhammet İkbal Karadayı says:

Great intro! 

malachi simonyan says:

Awesome man thanks!

Sean Barry says:

More wordpress tutorials plz!

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