How to Install a WordPress Plugin

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Learn how to make a WordPress website Step by Step.

ACBAW is the complete guide for how to build a website. This tutorial will show you step by step how to install a WordPress plugin, and how to make sure it works.

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Greg Stadler says:

Good training, however, it should be mentioned that in order to install
Plugins on a WordPress site, it must be a self hosted site, not the
standard WordPress hosted sites. If you do not have a self hosted account,
the Plugin option will not appear on your side menu.

Amanda Gibson says:

i dont have that plugin button this is of NO help

Patrick theBookAddict says:

I don’t have that side menu,of plug Ins..i got widgets..

DX Gamer says:

This Sucks .They are nothing menu of plugin

Avery Winton says:

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Southern Tier Word Press Training says:

I like your style of explanation. You speak very clearly and explain things
thoroughly. I just subscribed.

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