How to use the WordPress plugin Duplicator – Tutorial

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Check the January 2014 updated tutorial:

I have created this video tutorial on how to use Duplicator. If you have issues with something not working then do check the support forum or the Faq. Links below.
Duplicator is used to backup a site, clone it and move it to another location.
I am showing you how to backup a local site and move it online.
It is a simple procedure when it is done correctly.

The Duplicator duplicates your site into a compressed zip file. The file can then be backed up, and/or installed into another location.

Through this tutorial I am showing you how to:
– Install and activate the plugin.
– Make a backup zip file of a (local) site.

– Upload the zipped file and the installer file (installer.php) to a domain.
– Log into CPanel through the hosting provider and make a new database.

– Go to the domain /installer.php and install the new site.
– Check the domain and see that the local site has now become a new live online site.

– Since I have an existing site at the domain I had to rename the index.html file so the WordPress index.php would be used instead. The old side I end up putting into a folder called old site.

The above can sound complex but check out the video it is not as complex as the sentences above might make it seem. It is the easiest way that I know of in getting a site from a local computer (your own computer) to a live WordPress site at the domain of your choosing.

If you get an error message:
500 internal server error has to to with the .htaccess file. By renaming/deleting one can start over with the install procedure.

– Permission error. Check the permission. Right click the online file and check the properties etc. It should be set to 755 anything else can cause an error.

Here is a link to the Duplicator FAQ page:

If you still have a question that the FAQ does not answer a question or comment can also be posted at in the plugin forum support section.


Will Carter says:

Looks so simple and would save a huge amount of time, but I keep getting
errors about the size and it timing out. Is there any way around this? The
site size is about 1.8gb

Naren p says:

Hi paal, Are you using camtasia recorder?

Malcolm Beith says:

Thanks a million Paal. Been trying to move a friend’s website for weeks.
This did the trick. Had to change PHP settings, which I didn’t know how to
do but found easy enough once I’d googled it, and then it worked like a

Bill O says:

Hi Paal,
Thank you for this excellent tutorial. I needed to move a WordPress site
to replace an HTML site and found Duplicator and your instructions to be
very helpful. A few comments on issues I faced that slowed the process for
me. All were solved by talking with tech support at the host provider.
First, neither localhost nor my domain name worked for the MySQL. The host
provider gave me the much longer name for identifying the database.
Second, as the original site was only HTML, it did not have a database
assigned to it. The host provider pointed me to the panel for creating the
database and that problem was solved. Third, when I ran the installer.php,
nothing happened. It turned out that php had not been activated for the
site…the host provider fixed that as well. Once all these areas were
addressed, Duplicator worked perfectly and your instructions were spot on.
Hopefully this may help others…thanks again for the tutorial.

anu gprem says:

Really helpful man !

Spencer Merritt says:

You’re awesome! Thanks!

Marek P says:

As a side note, if anyone is getting the “WP-CONFIG WARNING: The
wp-config.php has one or more of these values ….. ” error, simply open
wp-config and comment out the following:

/*—-define(‘WP_SITEURL’, ‘……..’ . $_SERVER[‘HTTP_HOST’] . ‘/wordpress’);
define(‘WP_HOME’, ‘………’ . $_SERVER[‘HTTP_HOST’] . ‘/wordpress’);—–*/

It worked for me.

Kelly Christensen says:

Thank you! This helped so much, and saved me a great deal of time. Thanks

The Horticultural Channel ( says:

Best video on the web for doing this. Sorted! Thanks.

Marek P says:

Great video, saved me a lot time. Thanks 

Altug Ozgercek says:

Don’t you change anything inside wp-config.php file after the uploading ? 

Audrey Cordery says:

Thank you for the excellent tutorial. I initially had a problem with how
Safari exported the files. After starting over with Chrome it worked! This
saved a lot of time and confusion.

Darren Zwiers says:

Fantastic tutorial!! Was struggling to migrate my mamp wordpress site until
I came across this video! I use 123reg as my hosting service, but was
easily able to create a database and duplicate based on your knowledge.
Thank you, thank you! (anyone using 123reg use your server name instead of

John Charles Hallett says:

Thanks. Really well explained.

Ethan Lee says:

Thanks for making my migration a whole lot easier!

George cZar says:


Jay Soriano says:

Perfect. For anyone hosting with GoDaddy, use your hostname instead of

margauxmusic says:

Thank you for this video ! It helped me tremendously ! 

Lourdes JOHNSON says:

Thanks for sharing! It really helped me to move my site from MAMP.

Saji Samuel says:

Seriously, thanks for this well done tutorial. Saved me a ton of work and
potential heartburn!

Reg B. says:

Nice work pal. Appreciated. And boohoo to the 1 thumbs down. 

Yacine Baroudi says:

Thanks a bunch for this video Paal! Very very helpful.

TessaGallant says:

Followed instructions and it worked perfectly! Thank you Paal.

tasmania027 says:

Thank you so much for all your help! Worked like a charm!

MrTattoonearme says:

every time i finish the installer i get this error… failed to open
stream: No such file or directory in
on line 53

Thaís Giacomini says:

thank you!

Michael Whenham says:

Thanks for the tutorial…been a painful switch from Dreamweaver…now
another challenge hopefully made easier with this information.

John Moriarty says:

great idea but I got this when I tried the installer.php : Parse error:
syntax error, unexpected T_STATIC, expecting T_OLD_FUNCTION or T_FUNCTION
or T_VAR or ‘}’ in
/homepages/34/d215282124/htdocs/johnmoriartymusic/installer.php on line 170

TheExplodingBit says:

This was extremely helpful. Thank you!

Paal Joachim Romdahl says:

When you pack up a site with Duplicator and transfer it anywhere one needs
to create a new database for the new site. This means one needs to go to
the Cpanel for the new location/domain and there create a new database
which will then be used for the new site installation/deployment.

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