How to Use WordPress Jetpack Plugin to Boost Your website

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Hey there, it’s time to professionalize your website. This is the second video from this series, where I talk about

the top 5 plugins for WordPress.

In the first video, I spoke about “Akismet”, which is one of the best comment spam blockers out there. If you still don’t have it and want to learn more just check:

Anyway, now you will learn more about Jetpack WordPress plugin and you know what? This is truly an amazing plugin. Because, only with one plugin you can add many different features to your website, such as:

– Social media sharing buttons to Facebook, Twitter, etc. This way people can easily share your content all over the web.
– New widgets to your sidebars. The one I enjoy the most is the Facebook “Like” box.
– Automatically ping your fresh website content so the search engines will indexed it faster.
– Use your email account to publish new posts to your website

And… this are only a few features but there are a lot more. Just watch the video so you can get a better idea of what you’re missing.

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Thanks for watching and stayy…. tune with Prositetutorials.

WordPress Jetpack Plugin:


Jordan Alexo says:

Learn how to use Jetpack plugin for WordPress.

CMG Pros says:

Well done!

Venkat Mani says:

many thanks… says:

A very helpful video tutorial on how to use Jetpack plugin.

Thinus Rademan says:

I’m new to WP, started a website about a week ago, I’m using
CustomCommunity pro… I know its outdated as hell but i need to know if
there is any way i can fix the responsive settings for mobile phones. i
cant access at all, so i cant as for assistance there if
anyone can help me out with some advice please help. check out the website
at it horrible on mobile, the maps don’t display at all
etc etc… if there is a plugin that could actually help without me being
forced to change my theme it would be awesome!!

Clash of Clans says:

you talk like my fathers english 😀 He has a french accent 

Rachael Geiger says:

Very helpful video- thanks for publishing it!

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