Send Mass Email Newsletters from WordPress with MailPoet Plugin

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Instead of using a service to send mass emails you can use your WordPress site to do it with the MailPoet plugin. This simple to use plugin works well, and the free version does everything 99% of what a small business marketer needs.

You can find the plugin here:

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Eli the Computer Guy says:

▶ Send Mass Email Newsletters from WordPress with MailPoet Plugin – YouTube

Starts at 3pm EST!!!

David Kevork says:

Which one is better ruby or phyton

Louise MONTGRAIN says:

How do you send it with a list of contacts that are not subscribers please?

Kim Gjerstad says:

Thanks for promoting our plugin!

Love the Armatron on the shelf. I still have mine in my parent’s basement.

Arakmatzu says:

lol today was just randomly all about programming and heavy ass hacking all
the sudden xD …It’s almost like matrix 2000 or something lol

Kareem Michel says:

Eli, you made a mistake to someones question about upgrading the MacBook
Pro. The Retina MacBook Pro’s are not upgradeable but the non MacBook Pro I
believe from either year 2012 or 2011 and earlier are user upgradeable.
Anyways I enjoyed watching the stream. :)

spaceorbison says:

I like your shit Eli

Simon Burgess says:

visual quick pro php books

sdwalker31 says:

@ San go to codecademy(dot) com. You can learn to code from there for free.

Glytch _ says:

What is your resolution Eli?

jaywolff16 says:

QUESTION: What is your favorite linux distro with a GUI

Chris Stone says:

QUESTION : ELI how secure can you make wifi? That is one of the complaints
I hear people make is that it is not secure and such.

Chris Stone says:

Question: Eli Is wifi less ecure than cable Ethernet?

San Sarwar says:

QUESTION: How to start to be a proffesional hacker. I’m not a kid on a
computer. I want to solve problems. So how do I start? Learn what? Do what?

MrGrendagus says:

Question Eli this is running out on questions so Hows the day?

bluevemon says:


Simon Burgess says:

Question will Mac address filtering beat ‘Reaver’ or ‘Bully’?

Al Green says:

QUESTION: Having downloaded Server 2012 R2 trial (5-6 hours) then burned
the IOS file to DVD, my Virtualbox machine will not boot from this disk.
Message says “FATAL could not read from boot medium”

Peter L says:

i don’t think so but he is still nice 😉

Eclipse Computers says:

QUESTION: Would live engaged questions be better than this first come crap
before your show even starts. IRC would allow questions to be engaged with
your discussions.

Glytch _ says:

Ive had problems with spam 😛 hence the reCaptcha

Rain G says:

QUESTION:How do data centers protect servers from viruses/malware? Do they
install AV on each server? What is the best AV software for windows server?
I want to protect 22 physical and virtual servers

Al Green says:

I’ll check it out, thanks man!!! My version does look different to yours
though (Ver: 4.3.12)

sumsar says:

QUESTION: As a programmer do you think excessive can boost working

xmail says:

QUESTION: Eli How to deal with employees about money … and if there is
special protocol you used. Thanks

NickF1227 says:

CONT: My network traffic consists of alot of LEGAL torrents at times, but
having so many peers with the ability to learn my IP address concerns me

ahmad sam says:


Al Green says:

QUESTION(Cont): What could I have done wrong, bearing in mind I deleted the
first download in case it missed off the boot files. I am waiting to hear
back from forums…Am starting out on a MCSA.

Laco Ango says:

QUESTION: Have you seen this penetration tool: Pwn Phone 2014 – Penetration
Testing Phone Any thoughts?

James Richardson says:

Haha seriosuly

MrGrendagus says:

Clean ur desc man

mike mancini says:

cause Eli does talk about hacking

Peter L says:

hahahaha Stevan

YUMiiEEx says:

QUESTION: have you used a mini portable projector? if so what do you
recommend? I have a pico one but its not working anymore for some reason
ever since ive .been trying to replace the 5v DC charger

BeucaN YOLO says:

QUESTION:are you happy with your life, if not what would you change (not
going computer path, being more careful about stuff)

Luke Lane says:

QUESTION: What would be the best regions to move into after graduating with
a computer science degree

Glytch _ says:

Yay 😀

Kieran Nolan says:

QUESTION: Would you ever have a live session with your wife? For her input.

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