Stream Video Player Plug-In for WordPress

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NOTE: Watch it on HD quality!
How to install and use the Stream Video Player for WordPress:


Edwind Richzendy Contreras Soto says:

Hola Rodrigo,
como hiciste para grabar la prueba en iphone?

Ivo Gregurec says:

you haven’t include how to install windows on your computer before
installing wp

Kay Geedea says:

Hi, does this work with longer videos? Like 35 mins + thanks

Frank O'Driscoll says:

Great Video Plugin For WordPress

Emma Ocholla says:

Man you are the BEST thanks so much ive looked for this for a long time
thanks again

Arkar Winn Minn Htwe says:

How can you get the media browser popup when you click on the “Media
Library” button. I CANNOT go on from the point of “3:48” time. Instead,
getting just a Blank Gray Popup. Stream Video Player Plug-In for WordPress

I’m using:
WP: 3.8.1
Plugin: 1.4.0

This is a serious bug. Please help on it.
Thanks so much.

Manoli Tsigonakis says:

Hey Rodrigo, nice video!
I was wondering though, how did you get your video files to be that small?
I have a 6 minute 720p mp4 file that i cant seem so get under 77mb.. Could
you help me out?

Анастасия Евсеева says:

Thank you so much! Especially for widget!

Daniele Manca says:

Hey Rodrigo, can this video player be made responsive?

Gary Claspen says:

I have this up and running and works great, except for on my Android phone,
where video does not display at all. I triple checked my settings and they
match yours but I cannot figure out why it does not show video on cell
phone. Any tips? Thanks!

QoCaveTanem says:

how can i remove the youtube logo? please helpp

SAMPHAI Web & Mobile Solutions says:

Can i use this plugin with RTMP links? Would it also work with link like ” TileSport &stream=++rtmp%3A%2F%″ ?

Nouveau Website Design says:

Love the video, just downloaded the plugin. What iphone simulator did you

Serch Reyes says:

Hey Rodrigo, nice plug in and excellent explanation. I am having a problem
while trying to set path for video streaming at “Stream Video Player Tag
Generator” (using plugin v1.4), when I click over Media Library, window
becomes dark, however never shows screen as on this video minute 3:51. any
clue on what might be happening? Thanks in advance!

dimitrigol says:

Congratulations Rodrigo for this demo. I am looking for a WP plugin able to
offer on a post or page of my WP site a direct windows linked with my
online live camera and online audio source (connected on my Mac). Do you
think it is possible to find it ?

Ryan Nagy says:

Thanks. I understand the plugin much better now. Near the end, the music
made it a little hard to concentrate on your words.

pksmb1120 says:

I’m sorry but I’m understanding. All of this is new to me. I do understand
how FTP works though. I use Filezilla. What permissions of what files and
folders do I need to check and change? Now if I set the default media
provider to video in the player setting, it will play, but I want it to
stream so whoever is watching it can skip around in the video if they want.

Walter Navas says:

Rodrigo necesito tu ayuda he instalado ubuntu server 10.04 instale el
wordpress e instale el plugin y cuando quiero buscar el video que ya subi a
la carpeta uploads entro a la ventana Stream Video Player Tag Generator–de
ahi voy a añadir entrando a media library y no me abre la ventana siguiente
donde se tienen que seleccionar los videos, ya movi el crossdomain.xml pero
no puedo saber que es lo que me falta, me podrias ayudar? gracias.

Prafull Singh says:

how to embed youtube video and how to run ads on it

bafolabi7 says:

I loved the music, couldn’t stop dancing! Great product. Though I am still
trying to get it to work with YouTube videos. Could you do a video demo to
show that? Thanks

Rodrigo Polo says:

Exactly, the pseudo-streaming is only available for FLV files.

Aditya rizaldi says:

i not understand

Rodrigo Polo says:

To show that it works well in a new wordpress setup, sorry about the music.

pksmb1120 says:

I followed everything exactly as you showed and when I go to play my video
it says file not found. I’m about to pull my hair out!

Sally Wingles says:

Figured it out. I set the provider to VIDEO (not pseudo). Then I made sure
I selected the directory first. The full directory has to be listed. THEN
you choose the video (MP4 or whatever you want) and it shouldn’t have the
full URL. Example the full directory would be Then when you
choose your video that resides in that “your-video-folder” it will only put
the video name in the option box. Same goes with image and HD video.

Rodrigo Polo says:

You can publish local videos and youtube videos

Stan Razvan says:

I cannot see media library selector i just see a black transparent
background. I guess is the problem comes from permissions but i cannot give
0777 on the server without contacting the suport team. So, what files need
permission for that? Thank you!

Francesco Lombardo says:

I figured it out, sorry for my very amateur question, I’m new at all this
stuff! Thanks for sharing your very useful tools!

abeethadesilva says:

How to play/show live streaming i.e. live webinar , is this possible?

AJsWebCreations says:

This seems to be a great video player. I am working on the playlist any
chance of getting a short video on what all needs to be changed in the xml
files for the playlist you offer for download?

Bhasker Rao K S says:

if there a way to check and verify the video is played in full. We are
mixing the video player with survey. It would be great help only after the
video is played in full, we want to show the survey.

Rodrigo Polo says:

Check your file permissions, the streamer.php need to locate and serve the
FLV file.

RegRun says:

What’s the music in the background please?

Rodrigo Polo says:

just choose “youtube” on the video tag generator

Disciplyne says:

I don’t understand why you are starting at setup of new wordpress. The meat
of your presentation starts at 1:40 The music is too loud and distracting.
Other than that, good video presentation.

Sally Wingles says:

I also get Video not found. The funny thing is the FLV doesn’t give that
error, but the MP4 does. Both are in the same directory. I’ve double
checked paths. I don’t want to use that FLV file because its 50mb, and the
MP4 is only 4mb. I would rather let the visitor make that choice. Why would
it find the FLV and not the MP4? I set the permissions for the streamer.php
— but can you explain a bit more as to what settings you are using?

Paooul13 says:

Same problem as described — “Video not found”. Thanks anyway though.

Rodrigo Polo says:

I mess up the voice testing some audio fx and then overwrite the original
audio -_-“

Disciplyne says:

I don’t understand why you are starting at setup of new wordpress. The meat
of your presentation starts at 1:40 The music is too loud and distracting.
Other than that, good video presentation. Can the plugin run inside a a
widget? Can video be resized on the fly? or resized on click by user?

Francesco Lombardo says:

Nice work boss! I think some of the videos I want to upload are larger than
my Godaddy host will allow. Can I still use your plug-in to stream a video
on my wordpress site that I upload to youtube?

Rodrigo Polo says:

check your folder permisions on your web server, it could be the
streamer.php can’t load the videos or a php version

Jerry L says:

Looks good. I was able to use this to post a single video, but I don’t see
instructions on how to implement the XML playlists. Is this available?

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