THE BEST and Easiest Free PHOTO GALLERY Plugin for your WordPress Site

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In this tutorial, I show you how to easily import and edit the most popular (and FREE) WordPress Photo/Gallery plugin in the World: NextGENGallery! Once installed, you learn all of the basics from this simple tutorial video, and from here on it’s simple and quick for you to update, display and edit your current and new photo galleries yourself Anytime you want! #winWIN2013!! *June/2013 I just noticed some comments below where a few users could not get the other ‘Lightbox’ effect when the photos are clicked on. Here is how that should look Be sure to use the latest NEXT GEN WP plugin as I don’t seem to have any issues with, thnks!



This guy sounds just like Tom Curies…

Jaro K says:

NexGen Gallery doesn´t work properly for me. After first image is shown,
second and the rest are shown just 70-75%. I´m looking for a new plugin 🙁
Thanks for video anyway!!! :)

Benjamin Herzog says:

Thank you for much. You helped me alot

Jonathan Cu says:

How do we insert or adjust the album so it will look great and fit in the

Jared Pease says:

Im having a real issue with my images INCREASING in size! I just uploaded a
73k image that was 800×600. I have the options in NextGen Gallery set to
resize to 800×600 max and to use only 35% quality. Now that the image is in
the gallery it is now 370k! I dont understand why it does this to all my
images. Any help or tips?

zakky roshan says:

hello when i click an image i am seeing 2 image previews one is slider
another one is jwuery why is that? pleas help me

TheWebStylist says:

Apologize for seeing these notes late… (srry, new to tutorials and didn’t
get any ‘alerts’ about these comments) YES that threw me before as well,
you need to Regenerate Thumbnails (any size settings you adjusted will
‘refresh’ with this Plugin, it’s a ‘llfesaver’ ha Google WordPress plugin

thebebinator says:

Me too! please explain!

Stephen Mercer says:

I am not getting the lightbox effect. When I click on an image, it just
shows the individual image in a browser window 🙁

TheWebStylist says:

Check my note above AND the new link in the vid description I just added

BigSips says:

nextgen gallery fails to install for me any alternatives you can sujest or
idea why that might be (i receive a message saying destination folder
already exists,however i have never installed this plug in

DomSezXL says:

This is a great plugin, although I can only really use the Shutter and
Thickbox effects and not Lightbox or Highslide as I get the same issues
described below. However, how can I justify the thumbnails to one side AND
have text on the other side, please? That’s the one thing I’m missing out
with this plugin. Thanks.

Steven Beat says:

It does the same thing for me:(

TheWebStylist says:

I am just seeing these comments now… check the link I just posted in the
‘Description’ above (I can’t post links in ‘reply’ sections) and let me
know if this is the Photo effect you’d like the images to display in
(Lightbox). I haven’t had an issue with displaying photos in but noticed a
few of you have. Let me know if it was resolved!

Michael Campion says:

Yes, NextGen gallery is totally flawed I’m afraid. And, the Public Uploader
extension is awful. Looking for premium alternatives.

Langdon Horton says:

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