Top 10 WordPress Plugins (2013) Every Website Should Have

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What plugins should you add to your WordPress website? Here’s my Top 10 list of the most essential plugins every website should have. With over 10,000+ plugins in the WordPress Plugin Library, there are bound to be others you will want to add to your site as well. However, the plugins mentioned in this video are my “must-haves”. Everything from automatically scheduling website backups to Dropbox, optimizing SEO (search engine optimization) and protecting your website from hacks and spam are included. Enjoy.


sai kumar says:

really helpful video ,madam please tell me which plugin i have to use for
xml site map in wordpress.

Ivan Grozev says:

Good plugins, good video +1

Jonathan Huang says:

Thank you for the breakdown!

Gracie Ruth says:

Great information, Katrina. Thank you for sharing! I have added a few of
these plugins. :)

Lowcostravels Holidays tours says:

thank you so much .keep feeding us please

Steve Solanki says:

Really nice and useful information. Thanks mate :)

Janet Creech says:

Great Video! Thanks

VitalityMassage says:

Ok, I added a few of the plugins. Thanks.

Yasin Mansuri says:

Hey i just enterd in woerdpress world. And i learn so many things from you
videos. Thnks….

Ashutosh Menghrajani says:

This video was very helpfull to me.I need your guidance to use the ‘genesis
simple menus” plugin in word press version 3.8,as it is totally different
from what i have seen on youtube.Please guide me..

Rahul Fidelity Personified says:

Fantastic ! ! i Need some Help with my WordPress Website ! ! 

Srebrenko Cvetić says:

Thank you Katrinah!

dasfx says:

Can I use wordpress plugins for a regular website, or do I have to be using
wordpress? Just starting out, and have finished my first website for a
client which I designed from scratch…just want to see what my options
are. Thanks

rsforyou com au says:

Thank you

Satyender Kumar says:


Paul Hagen says:

I do miss a disclaimer plugin. Your Customizr video did not cover this
topic. I would appreciate some input :-)

venuspsychic says:

thanks.. from venus psychic

PTSports Frisco says:

Thanks Katrinah,

What do you see as the first 2 or 3 changes I should make to this site I
don’t know what I am doing with?

I need to change the background collage thing, and the header. I also just
updated the newest edition and all of a sudden I don’t see anywhere where I
can put in the thumbnail photo for my article preview on the main page.
That’s why I hate getting current versions because they change stuff SO
DRAMATICALLY. I should have stayed with my old version…. but the video
plug ins kept crashing when using Firefox.

irishblessingyn says:

Thank you Katrinah. I am so grateful to you and your site. I am also very
proud of what I have achieved because of you. Check this. You can take the

Joel Harrison says:

Fantastic resource if you’re starting your wordpress blog! Top 10 Plugins
Every Page Should Have.

irishblessingyn says:

Hi Katrinah,
Can you recommend a simple plug in to change fonts? Thank you. Happy
Thanksgiving! You are in my Thank You list for this year.

Aslam Molani says:

Thank you.

Tadas Kulys says:

Ihave some problems with Jetpack comments.. when i open the page with
comments it says: Invalid request signature.
Do ou know what could be wrong there?

sa ng says:

thanks madam says:

Great ! Agree with your choices.

Keith Whalen says:

Great video thanks.

Carlos Garcia says:

Hey beautiful great video! I have WP Super Cache and I noticed you
recommended W3 Total Cache. Any differences or what’s best?

Jerry Zoumis says:

Your tutorials are awesome. How far off is the “WordPress backup to
Dropbox” tutorial?

LucaZ88O says:

Great video! really helpful! thank you.

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