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The definitive look at WordPress Membership Plugins. Which one(s) reigns supreme? Matt and Dan look back at all of the plugins they have reviewed. After watching, you decide which is best!


1:33 – Workflow

3:25 – The Best WordPress Membership Plugin(s)

6:39 – Second Place (Third Place?)

7:44 – Premise by StudioPress

9:38 – Make a plugin yourself

Text Version – http://slocumstudio.com/2013/01/best-wordpress-membership-plugin/
Magic Members vs WP-Member – http://www.youtube.com/b6zRKRhDREY
Paid Memberships Pro vs Restrict Content Pro – http://www.youtube.com/zxPOYtqR7bM
Wishlist Member vs Premise – http://www.youtube.com/qSKuVoDyOfM
Membership by WMPUDEV – http://www.youtube.com/4FREdy9e5dc


Marcus Fütö says:

Hello guys!,
I’m new to WP so I find your videos great!
U seem to know a lot about the different Membership plugins, so I thought
I’d ask you for advice.

I wonder if you know a plugin where I can hide menu items from the nav-menu
for non-members. When they later log in, these items should appear in the
menu/become unhidden.

Also using a metro theme, where different boxes appear on home menu. Some
of these boxes I would like to hide until a user logs in.

I have used Paid Membership Pro with Theme my Login and have only been able
to redirect people to a registry page. Rather than showing non-members the
link/box for accessing the restricted content, I would like to hide the
link/box for them, until they can actually access it!

Is there a wordpress memberhip plugin that can actually do this? Please let
me clarify if you don’t understand 🙂

Thanks for all the great videos!

Laura Wilson says:

I’m building my first wp website, which is pretty lofty because I am not a
techy (as of yet-haha). Can you give me a recommendation on a public chat
room plugin so my members can talk to each other? I also need to be able to
give web consults to members. I have installed/setup Memberships Pro. Thank
you, Laura, ND 

Noel Rodriguez says:

Thank You for this.

Slocum Studio says:
Slocum Studio says:

Thanks for your question. It wasn’t left out, we just looked at the most
popular plugins we could find at that time. It was based on current
release, authors and downloads. WP eMember never showed up in the community
or searches. If enough people were to submit a request to review that
plugin, we certainly would. Thanks!

Drew Burks says:

hey guys – I just purchased magic members after doing considerable
research, including watching your membership review vids … hoping you
might have some insight for me since MM support isn’t responding as quickly
as I would like. I am getting an error msg that reads “are you sure you
want to do this?” then it says try agin, only to repeat the same problem 🙁

Arnaldo Alves says:

Hey guys, i really like your videos, im learning a lot! I installed PMP but
i can´t find a way to customize the form. I found this link gist.github.
com/1389944, from Google, but i don´t know how to use. Can you give me a
hand of this? Thanks!

HealthCoachKel says:

This was really helpful and may have saved me from going the wrong way for
what I need for my membership program. Thanks~

XTREEMMAK Sidetrack says:

Take a look at WP eMember. There store plugin was really good too.

Harriett Bayes says:

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Avery Winton says:

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Watching this is like the first time I learned to change my oil in my car
after spending like millions of freaking dollars to get someone else to do
it. When all I need to do was buy oil and a filter and unscrew a plug.
Thanks for the information. I have been putting this off waiting for more
tech savvy friends to join in. And here you go. Everything is on youtube. I
wonder if there is a place you can like leave it almost offline in a cloud
until I am ready for it.

Steven D. Lawrence says:

Great summary guys! I have been spending hours going through these same
member plugin options to make sure I make the right choice. Based on what I
found, we are in total agreement – though I still had some nagging
questions that you guys cleared up for me. I appreciate the unbiased
approach (unlike the plethora of disguised ‘review’ sites) and expert
insight. So thanks a bunch and keep em coming!


OMG, Kel. Based on your tag we maybe using this information for similar

Kevin Scullion says:

Really helpful series. Many thanks.

Lorrie Chittum says:

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learningviavideo says:

Not sure if you’re still replying to posts here. Wondering why WP-eMember –
by Tips & Tricks – was left out of your line up of Membership plugins to

TLFN | The Home of Short Film Promotion says:

Am I going to need to get an account with an e-mail database?

Brian Uribe says:


Leroy Abney says:

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