WordPress Duplicator Plugin Tutorial NEW UPDATE 2014!!

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To copy WordPress Blog to a new website or host. The Duplicator plugin is by far the best wordpress plugin for a fast and 100% data transfer with no errors. This wordpress DUPLICATOR plugin is highly recommended.

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Raf Amato says:

Thank you so much for the video walkthrough. I’m also a fan of envato
raf amato

Richard Reid says:

…you’ve saved the day mate! I’ve been searching online for a tutorial
like this for a while and this is by far the best one! (for me at least!) I
tried the manual transfer and got into a bit of a pickle with the search
and replace script that was recommended by others! I can relax now and stop
sweating! Cheers!

Larry G says:

So awesome! Thank you so much this worked great for me!

Paul Sargeson says:

If i want to update the web site do i need to remove the old one first? as
wheni try and run /installer.php it just redirects me to my website? Could
you please help?

Daniel Fleck says:

I usually don’t comment but thank you so much for this tutorial. It has
helped me a lot! 

goodplay12 says:

Do you have a video guide on how to move mywebsitedomainname.com (web host
ABC) moving to mywebsitedomainname.com (web host XYZ) ? (domain name remain
unchanged, moving the domain (whole site) to different web host). Would
appreciate if you could make one. Nobody teaches that using the duplicator
plugin. Thanks

Qube Seo says:

Best tutorial ever, saved me 75 USD and 3 days. Thanks :-)

Charlie Abbott says:

Andrew – I seldom use WordPress but I have to say that this video alone has
helped me more than you could ever know.

You are a star – Thank you

uCanLearnThis says:

Many thanks. This tutorial and your installing WP have helped me immensely.

James Hunt says:

Andrew… Thanks a lot man. This video was a huge help. I’ve grown very
tired of manually transferring sites!

John Marroletti says:

Thanks for the video, your wamp & wordpress how-to’s were a great help. One
question… what theme were you using in your “Duplicator” video? Thanks

George Merriweather says:

Thanks for all the great video tutorials….I had been looking for a way to
build sites locally and then be able move the finished product to my host
server. You are a great teacher.

andrew Lee Cabinet says:

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