WordPress Facebook Plugin Tutorial

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In this video tutorial I go through the entire installation of the Official Facebook Plugin 3.5.1 for WordPress. I didn’t find other tutorials helpful or else I found them out of date so I decided to make my own when I figured it out. This tutorial has an accompanying blog article to it on my website and like in this description it will have all the links used in the tutorial provided.


Holly Mattson says:

Does every third word have to be fuck or bullshit? It makes you sound like
a cunt

Lisa Temes says:

I keep getting stuck at the ‘Add a Facebook account to your WordPress
account’ step. When I click ‘Associate my WordPress account with my
Facebook account and allow new posts to my Facebook Timeline’, I get an
error saying: ‘The following permissions have not been approved for use:
publish_actions.’ and if I click the first option it just keeps reseting. I
can’t seem to find anything on Google and I even tried submitting an
approval request to Facebook but they told me it isn’t needed. Any ideas?

Carlo Cavaliere says:

What’s wrong with the voice? O_o

unitron says:

This is helpful. The plugin has changed since but this made the struggle
way easier!

Rebecca Amy says:

At 20:15 you say click on profile and then click the second link, when it
goes to profile page for you to click the link, but for me those links are
not there. Have I missed a step somewhere?

Rufus Bruce-Chwatt says:

Thank the gods you’re here, would have made no sense but cheers for sorting
this out!! I’ve submitted so fingers crossed!

Mo Ateyah says:

Hey again,

when i post an article in arabic text, the text gets displayed in my
facebook page like Ùا ÙÙا ÙÙÙس ÙجÙع اÙصÙت اÙعرب٠عاÙÙÙا.

Do you have any idea why it might be coming out this way?

Kannan Sreenivas says:

Hats Off to you

Mo Ateyah says:

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You! Very good job, if it wasn’t for your
tutorial i would of never got it. Again Thank You!

George Dean says:

the process is completely asinine. i wanted to break my screen. thank you
for this.

Zombi Hunter says:

When going to the “Add a Facebook account to your WordPress account”, and
if you are not getting the two links. Make sure you have assigned your
WordPress’s URL to the App on Faebook. On Facebook Developers go to the
Settings > Basic and click on + Add Platform. Select Website. Now add
your WP’s URL. Go back to your WP Profile and refresh. Hope that helps
some of you. FB has changed the layout from this video. 

Tim Bexter says:

Dear Steven, great work, and very funny on top! I would not have managed
without your tutorial, which doesn’t leave any step unaddressed. Many

Steven Stallone says:

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