WordPress Gallery Plugin Review: NextGen Gallery & 2 Others

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WordPress Gallery Plugin Review: NextGen Gallery & 3 Others.

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0:07 Intro
0:40 NextGEN Gallery Overview
2:07 NextGEN Watermark Feature
3:11 NextGEN Homepage
3:28 NextGEN Demo
5:24 DM Albums – Photo Album Gallery Plugin
6:41 WP J Query Lightbox
8:00 Conclusion

Read the full blog post here: http://www.selfassemblysites.com/wordpress-gallery-plugin-nextgen-gallery-3other-plugins/

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Michael Guy says:

the applause was more than irritating

Terry Thorpe says:

Damn, you say “HUGE” a lot! ;-)

CuteandClassyEvents says:

I love the features in NextGen. However, I need a gallery plugin what will
work for albums. Example if I want to have an album for seperate events;
can I do create albums with NextGen? Do you know of one that I can use?

PulseHover - Pulse Hover Review/Bonus says:

Hey clear video…great i’m going to try this one!

SelfAssemblySites says:

Hello and thanks for the comment. I’m not sure why it’s not showing. It did
say viewing in IE8 was buggy. I’d suggest looking at the support forums for
the plugin. It’s the green button on the right sidebar of DM Albums plugin
page. There may be others who have the same problem. If not write a support
request & hopefully they can sort it out for you. Or it might be easiest to
try another plugin. Look out for high star ratings, regular updates, and a
good number of downloads. Best of luck!

VectorAcademy says:

Could you help me, because I installed DM ALbums but it doesnt show, the
play button does but when I press it nothing happens ? Would like some
help. Btw nice video

Alastair McDermott says:

Very cool. Love NextGen features but it’s a complex piece of kit!

kinnairdscott1 says:

It would be really helpful if someone could put up a tutorial on how to
setup nextgen and lightbox. I’ve taught myself flash, joomla, wp, etc but
Ive been struggling with it for weeks.

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