WordPress Landing Page Plugin – Free Conversion Pages for Your Site

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Download for free http://wordpress.org/plugins/landing-pages/
Developers/Designers jump to: http://youtu.be/flEd0sRTFUo?t=13m22s


Tyson Quick says:

I’m using http://Instapage.com for my landing pages and its about 10x

Estaban8ify says:

Awesome video but I set up the plugin and nothing is showing up on my site.
How do I make it appear?

Roy Fielding says:

did you ever see this one WP Optins….

I use it all the time and I might get yours too….


Kevonia Tomlinson says:

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_FUNCTION in
on line 124 when you bulehost

Ricardo Tatagiba says:

I can not insert new Landing page, of an error, the plugin does not allow
me to choose a new template, I get stuck a unique template. Has a solution?

Bi John says:

Thank you. I am not a developer but have just downloaded the inbound now
(plugin) for both landing page and opt-in. There is a big gap between the
main part and the form itself. how do I close this?

Omar Tringali says:

Thank You Very Much For The Video!

j ROM says:

I would like to create a Login & Sign up landing page like, tumblr,
facebook, etc…I only see a sign up function on all the themes. How would
you create the landing page to serve as the login page also.

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