WordPress Photo Gallery Plugin

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WordPress Photo Gallery is a flexible plugin for adding galleries and albums into your WordPress website. It comes enhanced with multiple view options and widgets to choose from, thus allowing you to display the images in the most relevant and applicable pattern.

WordPress Photo Gallery page

WordPress Photo Gallery Demo

WordPress Photo Gallery User Manual


tgchan says:

thank you from poland!

jagadish sasala says:

Thank for a nice post i was looking for this from 3 years

bongustoIT says:

I would like a gallery or album allowing the members of my website/forum to
comment each photo of the gallery: something like instagram, but just for
that function as I don’t want instagram in my website, so I don’t need the
instagram plugin for wordpress. I just need a gallery that let people to
comment on each photo: Do you know how can I achieve this?
thanks for your time

ASMusicSchool says:

Thanks a lot for this tuto. Very helpful create several galleries on my
photography-website. Alain

followenglish says:

Thank you! Excellent tutorial!

Joseph Harris says:

not work me but why same work 

Nguyễn Văn Toàn says:


Paal Joachim Romdahl says:

This plugin looks really nice! I look forward to testing it out!

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