WordPress Plugin development – Creating a WP plugin from scratch.

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wu yan says:

nice tutorial..

thx and god bless you and the world..

a sincere blessing from hong kong…


Ed Halferty says:

Dude. ob_start() is just what I was looking for. I knew I’d learn something
from this. Thanks!

James Sabano says:

Awesome, thanks for the great help

Ashish Niroula says:

I am confused how that articles are saved to database. Can you tell me
which part is responsible for updating or inserting in database??

vanBossto says:

Great tutorial… I am little bit confused now because of a global
variable. If I would want output textarea from plugin to sidebar? How make

ronsang90 says:

Hey Abdullah, I guess the problem might your add_action(‘admin_menu’,
‘my_plugin_menu’); function my_plugin_menu() { add_options_page(‘My Plugin
Options’, ‘My Plugin’, ‘manage_options’, ‘page_url_slug’,
‘plugin_page_content_callback’); } try that and lets see what happens.

abdullah saeed says:

hi Roony bro! i followed all of ur tuts about jquery and partice them by
wrtiitng in note pad ++ indeed ur r my great teacher u have saved lot of
mine time 🙂

schnepman1993 says:

Why are you using php’s output buffer?

Petter Thowsen says:

Aptana Studio! ^^

Sabri Taieb says:

down vote favorite share [g+] share [fb] share [tw] amazing video 🙂 . im
working on a navigation menu plugin , and i want to replace the default
menu with my menu automatically there’s a filter , function , something in
wordpress i messing ? thanks advanced , and sorry for my English

abdullah saeed says:

but i got stuck in this video 🙁 i followed each and every step of this
video and successfully activated the plugin WP DUPE OCP but the plugin is
not showing in the dash board, not in settings 🙁 i cant see my plugin
screen, where i can test the uniqueness of the article:( i have spend lot
vidoes on youtube & read many articles but problem is still thier 🙁 plzz

Damian Baker says:

Hey Ronny, Really enjoyed this video tutorial. Thanks for the share. Damian
CSS & JavaScript Toolbox – a WordPress Plugin for Scripts

Shwetabh Kumar says:

Awesome introduction to WP plugin development. Thank you very much.

Dean Sueck says:

Great video. any chance you could link a commented copy of the code here?
Thx 🙂

Pankaj Mondal says:

Thank you very much Ronny… if I get to learn something about WordPress
plugin development from now on, it will be because of you; because you
showed me the path to this world of WordPress plugin development… looking
forward to more great videos from you… subscribed! Thanks again 🙂

John Geyer says:

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from my experience I can tell you that WordPress configuration can be a
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Jason Trautwein says:

Good work man, this will send me on my path for developing plugins…much

ronsang90 says:

Thanks and welcome.. I am glad you like it. I am actually thinking of
creating another tut for WP plugin development and integrating it with
jQuery. cool stuff.. watch out for it. 🙂 -Ronny.

geram alfeche says:

nice tutorial..

Tobias Wittur says:

Awesome, I am completely new to developing wordpress plugins. This was a
quick and easy entry into the topic. Thanks for your tutorial!

Ronny Kibet says:

Yes. I am editing with Notepad ++. I just changed my theme under setting to
Zenburn, I guess I am used to this theme. Notepad++ is simply awesome. I
tried Context editor a while back, but had to revert back to Notepad++. 🙂

Leroy Abney says:

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