WordPress Plugin Howto

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In this WordPress Plugin Howto Video, I’ll show you how to make a WordPress Widget / Plugin. You’ll be able to use this code as a template to create any WordPress Widget you’d like.

Code is Here: http://goo.gl/Rdqfc


Justin Javier says:

I wanna ask how the heck do you know so much of everything in the
programming world, but I’m afraid that will only slow you down from making
more great videos that I’m learning from.

hackneyed ideas says:

Derek, is there any coding topic that you don’t have a video series on? XD

Johnny Wheelock says:

I like to make a plugin that will allow me to upload movies to my wordpress
is that possible please help

Jahid Hasan says:

you just give lecture here with high speed . but as a learner I want to
learn step by step slowly. but don’t get good output from this. so request
to you please make tutorial with step by step slowly.

wu yan says:

nice tutorial..

thx Derek..

a sincere blessing from hong kong..


Gilbert Bigelow says:

Great tutorial. Exactly what I needed now. Thnaks

Derek Banas says:

Thank you very much 🙂 I’m glad it helped.

Allen Quiambao says:

another good tutorial…thanks…

Ayaz Ahmed says:

Excellent tutorial with all details, keep it up, thanks

ginost7 says:

Hi there derek love your python videos, I would love you to do more python
videos using web videos, like django, pyramid and turbogears. would you
please seriously consider this proposal???

Bader Rj says:

the last video he uploaded about webdev was 4 months ago i think there is
another guy called adam khoury he is my number 3 guy 1. Derek Banas 2. The
New Boston 3.Adam Khoury 4.PHP Academy

Derek Banas says:

Thank you for the nice compliments 🙂 I do plan on coming back to PHP soon
to cover how to set up restful services and other random things. I’ll also
cover how to make tablet / phone apps using html. What happened to the new
boston any way? Somebody told me he stopped doing videos?

Derek Banas says:

You’re very welcome 🙂 I do my best

Derek Banas says:

@ghostdancer12 I’m glad you liked it. There is much more to come. Thanks
for stopping by to say hi 🙂

Otori Springer says:

You explain it exactly the way i think when i learn wow straight to the
point – thx

Derek Banas says:

Thank you for posting that tip 🙂

Derek Banas says:

You’re very welcome. Nice to see you again 🙂

Gilbert Bigelow says:

The widget works perfect; but, I had to do a little modifying. The font I
copied from your web site is not in the libraries on this computer. This
was the causing a syntax error. I had to find replace every quote and
double quotes with my computers quote font to remove these syntax parse
errors. I fixed the headers already sent error which was due to additional
white space before or after the opening and closing php tags which is
common of that error. Thanks for your excellent tutorials.

Bader Rj says:

u r the best i have been watching ” the new boston ” & ” adam khoury ” and
php but when i found your channel i quit wataching these guys your vids are
very straight to the point hope you keep posting vids about wordpress html
css php thank you so much Derek

Mohammad Umair says:

Great Video with excellent explanation. Thanks alot 🙂

Allen Quiambao says:

could you create a tutorial wherein it will create a form in the dashboard
where I can use to upload files then it would be stored in the database so
that my page could list the files and be able to download it?

Derek Banas says:

@technocozy I used to know how to make FB apps, but then they changed the
api late last year. I’m sure it is still php mainly so I’ll pick it up real
fast and see what I can come up with

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