WordPress Plugin Installation

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Shafiq mohd nor says:

@Rob1963 What a mean of WP? needed help. Tq

Zouhaïr Rîdaoui says:


AlexPetersen1 says:

@Rob1963 Thanks mann.

Jon Doll says:

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JapAnimeHD says:

hey i dont have the plugin thing at the left………i use free wordpress
so is there a way i can get it ?

AlexPetersen1 says:

@Rob1963 If i buy a domain, will that Upgrade me so im able to add Plugins?

manucudifan says:

I bought a domain from wordpress does it mean i get to use the plug in

Benjamin Kong says:

HI, i am using a free wordpress blog, i don’t see the plug-in selection on
my admin dashboard

tosikuai says:

hi txs for yr reply, i dont see “pulgin option” in my dashboard 🙁 txs for
yr great help

PVP says:

i do everything and see everything the same…but when i go to my web page
there is no change…as in nothing has happened. all activated etc…why?

Jose Ashley says:

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GallicWarsMixtapes says:

@Rob1963 what do you have to upgrade, when you go to worpress upgrade it
gives you options of what to buy, I already have a domain I renew. But I
still see no plug in option on the left.

Rob1963 says:

@tosikuai if you already have wordpress loaded onto the server at godaddy
all you have to do is go to the plugin section of the dashboard and select
“add new” I recommend at least getting “akismet” to control spammers, and
“dofollow” to encourage comments. personally I also use “sexy bookmarks”
“simple image link” and “Twitter tools” on all my sites.

Rob1963 says:

@AlexPetersen1 You have to buy a domain, plus hosting and have wordpress
uploaded to it. One way to get it uploaded is to use wordpress install
expert dot com They do it for free if you sign up for hosting through their
link. their hosting is through host gator which is the cheapest hosting
service I’ve found.

leglenn23 says:

how to get the plugins menu??

wdbmculturalvibe says:

I’m using The Twenty Eleven Theme and I have purchased my own domain but
still don’t have a plug-in option in my dashboard. I think you commented on
how to get the plug-ins option somewhere in this thread but I remain
confused as to what needs to happen. I am trying to install an all-in-one
SEO plug-in. Please help.

CustomizeWordpress says:

Smart video. Thanks

Bart Timberlake says:

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Rob1963 says:

@tosikuai what wordpress theme are you using? I mostly use “Thesis” and the
“plugins” is on the left side about halfway down. I’m not familiar with all
the themes, but if you let me know which one is installed I can probably

jbrider555 says:

@jbrider555 It can be found in the posts menue on the left of the
dashboard. I want a calendar for my page. Thank you for your reply Rob.

Rob1963 says:

@JapAnimeHD No. the plug-ins are only an option if you host your own site.
The free versions do not have the options.

Msdoraemon912 says:

there’s no plugins in my wordpress???? what to do?

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Rob1963 says:

@leglenn23 it is in the dashboard on your control panel. If you are hosted
by wordpress, you don’t have the plugins option. If you are self-hosted,
the plugins tab is on the left side of your dashboard.

Siri Soumountha says:

i cant find plug in on my

John Devise says:

I have the same problem and my theme name is Mad Meg .

Rob1963 says:

if you have a site that is “yoursitename.wordpress dot.com” you do not have
the plugins option. If you pay for hosting, and your site does not have
“wordpress” in the URL you should be able to get to the plugins. Leave the
URL of your site here and I’ll check it out..

Rob1963 says:

@jbrider555 it’s impossible for me to tell. could be some coding issue or
it didn’t load right. I would try re-installing the plugin, or look for
another plugin to try. sorry that’s the best I can do without charging you
for time.

jbrider555 says:

I uploaded a calendar and activated it but it does not show up on the page.
What do I do to get that to happen?

akasha466 says:

Hey! hmmmmm! I don’t have an plugins thing under my apperances! What should
I do?? Could u please help me??

JapAnimeHD says:

@Rob1963 …..and is there a a way can use a player with the free

Rob1963 says:

In order to have plugins You have to buy a domain, plus hosting and have
wordpress uploaded to it. One way to get it uploaded is to use wordpress
install expert dot com They do it for free if you sign up for hosting
through their link. their hosting is through host gator which is the
cheapest hosting service I’ve found.

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omar khalid says:

i CANT find the option (Plugin) at all someone help me please

Rob1963 says:

@benjaminkong If you are self-hosting the plugin section will be on the
left hand side, as shown in the video, If your site is “free” and a
wordpress site, with an address like Mysite wordpress com , then you won’t
have this capability. If you are self hosting (have it on your own domain)
and you don’t see this, maybe update your WP version.

tosikuai says:

i have bought domain and hosting through go daddy how do i upload that on
WP? txs a lot

BoomIconSports says:

hi im using wordpress and whenver i go to install a plugin on the admin
site i get a file error and it doesnt work. then i tried downloading the
zip and uploading it to install but i just get this “Unpacking the
package…” and it doesnt budge. is there something that i am missing?
looking to install something like googleanalytics to check the site hits

Sergey Popov says:

I know that plugin installation is very simple , but a lot of people don’t
know how to do it , so this is useful video .

Rob1963 says:

Here is something I just learned. If you bought your domain and it is
hosted by WordPress, you do not have the option to add plugins. I don’t
understand why, but that’s their policy.

OmarVlogable says:

how to install the page itself?

RobertE63 says:

@stormshadowz83 if your website url contains “word press” it’s not self
hosted. Free blogs, like those hosted on wordpress give you very little
control over your site. self hosted sites give you total control. for under
100 bucks a year, you are in the drivers seat.

Rob1963 says:

@miklamx Plugins are a background item. Or maybe better a “behind the
scenes” item. They don’t show up anywhere, they just “do their thing”
whatever that is. Maybe you mean how to place a widget? That’s a whole
nother conversation, and that has to do with changing the html for
different placement of the widget. hope that helped. If not, give more
information and I may be able to get more detailed.

Rob1963 says:

I don’t know for sure what you mean by that. You paid money for a domain
through wordpress? I didn’t know they did that. If it has “word press” as
part of your URL the answer is no. if you have an independant site (like
your name dot com) and have a word press theme installed then the answer is
yes. most people buy their domains through godaddy or network solutions. I
don’t recommend network solutions.they are expensive, upsell and hosting is
incompatable with word press features

nooneusethis says:

you have your issue solved? I’m having the same problem now. Can you tell
me how to get my plugin option up pls?

nooneusethis says:

Hello Rob, Thanks for doing this video. I do not have plugins option on my
dashboard. How do i get it on? Thanks again!

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