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Optin Revolution Lite

Optin Revolution Lite is a WordPress popup plugin and is quite possibly the best way in the world for you to create supercharged unblockable WordPress popups to grow your list of subscribers! Optin Revolution is a killer free WordPress popup plugin for people who want to have unlimited customization on their optin popups, with the ability to be highly creative without having to know how to code.

Optin Revolution Lite Popups Supports
Aweber, iContact, GetResponse, MailChimp, Constant Contact and Wysija

This WordPress popup plugin allow you to completely change the look and feel of the WordPress popup to blend with your WordPress site.

Change images, background, borders, font sizes and types and much, much more.
WYSIWYG stage and preview allowing easy customization with zero coding.

It’s super easy to add images or change your call-to-action button on your WordPress popup with the WordPress Media Library. Images and call-to-action buttons can be resized.

Download Optin Revolution Lite’s free WordPress popup plugin and increase your optin subscriber rate today!

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OptinRevolution says:

Post a support request over at WordPress for Optin Revolution.

Dat Phan says:

how to add email marketing mailjet?

OptinRevolution says:

All the content regarding setting up the popup is exactly the same. The
only changes made is to the image and button uploader which there is an
update video which can be viewed at watch?v=3LMZqiRV-JE. Did you click the
Check out the NEW video on adding images caption?

Bren Hudson says:

Please update your video. Nothing in this video is similar to what
downloads when you install this plugin.

OptinRevolution says:

Mailjet is not supported on the lite version you would need the pro version
then use the custom forms. For more info visit the pro version link in the
video description.

Jeremy Shaw says:

Hi I tried to download it but i got this message when activating the
plugin? Fatal error: Call to undefined function optinrev_w3tc_patch() in
………/optinrev-fn.php on line 15

OptinRevolution says:

The last button on the toolbar enables and disable editing and moving
objects on the stage.

BackpackingDiplomacy says:

Hello! I am very pleased with your tutorial and product except for the fact
that I cannot edit the pop up at all. I have the plug in downloaded but I
cannot edit text, add text boxes, add images, etc. Do you know why this
could be?

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