WordPress Social Media Plugin – How to Install (Step by Step Tutorial)

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Learn How to Create a Blog with WordPress Using the Humix theme (this is the theme in the video and this tutorial is definitely comprehensive): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G-zexszNgbE

In this video tutorial, I demonstrate step by step exactly how to install a WordPress social media plugin called social media feather.

You will learn how to easily integrate your social media pages like Facebook, twitter, Google Plus, YouTube, LinkedIn, and more with your WordPress website. This plugin comes with social media icons that can display as a widget in any widgetized area of your WordPress website.

Also, this plugin is light-weight which means it won’t cause your pages to load slowly. This plugin also has great reviews so it should be compatible with most WordPress themes.

This is a great way to grow your blog through your existing readers as it enables them to easily share your blog post content with their followers!

The plugin has two main features:

1) Social Sharing – you can choose to enable the social sharing functionality of the plugin at the end of every blog post so that users can click on the social media platform of their choice and share a URL of your content with their own followers. The URL is generated automatically which is a great feature of the plugin.

2) Social Following – you can easily build up your own social following through the different social media platforms by choosing which social media icons you want to appear in your sidebar or any widgetized part of your site. You can easily link your social media pages to these icons so that when users click on the icons that are on display as a widget, they will be directed to your social media pages.

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Josephine Faulk says:

That was amazing! Thank you so much. Your instructions are always extremely
detailed and easy to follow.

Stijl Compagnie interieuradvies says:

Great tutorial, thank you very much!

Antoniya Koleva Zorluer says:

Thank you very helpful!

STAY RAD co. says:

Great tutorial, thanks!

Zbigniew Geszczynski says:

excellent video, great job 🙂 thanks

Prateek Luther says:

thank you so much ..you are the best….

Mark Chang says:

Thanks Josh, great video

MattJones ISOHEALTH BJJ says:

Great video mate! Top shelf! Great explanation and demo plus easy to listen
to. Thank you!

Steven Simpson says:

Great Video, helpful

Indika Kuruppu says:

Excellent tutorial! Excellent job! Very clear and precise!

AdaElizabeth says:

Man I did everything you said and it’s still not showing up :-(

Candace Norris says:

Your tutorial was extremely helpful!!! I did everything you mentioned and
it came out PERFECT!!!! You really should teach more on “How To” for

Erica Garcia says:

Thanks so much. Your instructions are very clear and detailed. I had issues
downloading the icons because the ones I found were not compatible with my
system. You included where to get the downloadable icons. Awesome!

EpicNurse Ang says:

Great video! Thanks.

Mel T says:

Josh- I hope you have time to answer a question. I’m using the Hueman
theme in wp… is there a way I can integrate fb on my pages to appear on
my sidebar? I’m sure there’s a plug-in for it… I guess I’m a little
confused on how to mess around with my sidebars to include something other
than the menu. I hope you can help! Thanks!

People Productivity Plus says:

Josh, thank you for this video. I found it very useful however I would like
to ask about sharing on posts. As when I use the facebook to share a page
it works well. When I use it to share an individual blog is says page not
found. Any thoughts on how I can rectify this?

Angela Golden Bryan says:

Thank you so much. You were clear and easy to understand. I just kept
pausing the video and did each thing as you described it. My Social media
buttons show an “avatar” page though :o(

Oscar & Theodore says:

Thank you, great tutorial :)

Clayton White says:

Is it possible to change the featured image on the post that you are
(note in your video: at 0:55) the picture that says “avel”. how can i
change this image to one that will compliment my post?

Gary B. says:

One of the clearest and most comprehensive tutorials I’ve seen anywhere.
You should be training some of the tutorial makers at Lynda.com. They’d
really benefit from your unpretentious and straightforward narration. Thank

Tony Kaenchan says:

Awesome thaks

Gregorio Gomez says:

Thank you ! i have been looking for this specific subject so Gracias .
Im a native spanish speaking , and is hard to me to understand the html
code you used , i cant see them clear neither , Just a point . thank you

chocolate62745 says:

Hi Josh, quick question, when a viewer selects a facebook icon the site
takes the viewer directly to the page (leaving the website) is it
possible to have the viewer select the social media icon and it opens a new
tab or window instead? Thank you in advance 

Zom Osborne says:

Thank you so much. That was very clear. 

Adrienne Bennett says:

You made it so simple even for a novice like me. Thanks!

Tereasa Golka says:

Amazing video! It was so clear and helpful that I was able to set up my
social media while I was following your instructions! YOU are the best…so
generous and I can’t thank you enough…what can I do for you?? I will
definitely share this with my contacts!

Black Paw Biscuits says:

Thank you Josh, what an awesome video. It was clear and you speak to your
audience with great timing and pitch. This will help with the construction
of my site. Looking forward to catching your other videos. Thanks again!

Nicolás Rivera says:

Was very easy with your help!
Thanks a lot

Anna Johnson says:

Is there a way to put the bar at the top of your homepage? Instead of on a

wpSculptor says:

Thanks Damien! This particular social media plugin does not include

Manas Mukul says:

Great video wpSculptor…my issue is that when i log into my wordpress (it
is on dot com)…In the admin panel i don’t have any plugins menu…so how
can i get that menu and install social media feather plugin…Please i need
your help…and please reply to me here or at
mukul.manas@gmail.com…thanks in advance buddy

MrBeetruex says:

Hey wpSculptor… Question: if you have images on your page – media feather
randomly grabs whatever’s there and makes it available as a thumbnail to be
posted with your post or page. That’s fine when I’m posting – but if a
visitor does that, there are some whacky images taken from my pages – like
the custom transparent header that Looks Like Crap as a thumb. Is there
anyway to specify the images to be included in thumbnail in the Settings???
I am guessing NOT :>(

wpSculptor says:

Thanks Manas! WordPress . com versions do not give you near as many options
and flexibility regarding plugins and themes. To have unlimited options,
you need a self hosted version of WordPress with a hosting company. I have
a video on my channel about setting that up if you are interested.

Carlos Cano says:

Thanks a lot!! Great video, greetings from Colombia!

K. Burgess says:

Great video. Clear instructions.

wpSculptor says:

You are welcome Dan! Thanks!

wpSculptor says:

It should just be: (less than symbol)strong(greater than symbol)Share
This:(less than symbol)/strong(greater than symbol)(less than
symbol)br(greater than symbol)

wpSculptor says:

Good deal!

teachmeautocad says:

Excellent presentation! Btw I have a request… Could you recommend and
demonstrate a plug in that would keep media files organized into folders?
My blog will ultimately have 100’s of pics and it could get pretty out of

Liz Iacopetta says:

Hi Josh Thankyou for this wonderful easy to follow tutorial. I am enquiring
if it is all possible with this plugin to use customised icons. I have
designed a set for a theme on for a website and would prefer to use them
with this plugins functionality. Can this be done other than using the icon
sets provided? Keep up the great work. I will be recommending to fellow

Dan Suda says:

This is very helpful..thank you..

Dan Suda says:

i couldn’t get the code for – SHARE THIS. pls, and how you put another code
at the end to align it. thanks. i still need to pickup more on html or php.
thanks again Dan

Dan Gwirtzman says:

Good video. You have a strong voice, calm and clear, and it is easy to
follow along. I didn’t know what all the features in the settings were
about, so this was good. I am using a 13″ laptop, and I couldn’t see what
html code you were adding to create the text “Follow Us.” Being new to this
I haven’t learned html yet, so this was my first lesson and I appreciated
it. Maybe some kind of pop-up text that shows what you are writing would
solve this. Thanks!

Tanager Washington says:

Thanxz, I knew about the social, but i did not know about the social
sharing portion. Appreciate your hard work, I subbed. Check my page out,
hopefully you’ll do the same. ~T1C3

wpSculptor says:

Awesome! I’m so glad Cheryl!

Wening Cintron says:

Thank You! WPSculptor. For the Great Videos. It is just what I needed. I
have a question. what are the best plugins for site security? Thank you,

wpSculptor says:

Thanks! I’ll look into that. That could definitely become a challenge with
hundreds of pictures. Stay tuned!

wpSculptor says:

Thanks man, I’ll check it out!

MrBeetruex says:

I’m specifically talking about Sharing my page or post to Facebook.

wpSculptor says:

Thanks Wening! I’ll be experimenting with different security plugins and I
plan do a video on that soon. For now, I would check with your hosting
company and see how frequently they backup your site and make sure they
could revert your site back to a backup version pretty easily.

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