WordPress Tutorial For Beginners Part 7 – Installing and Managing Plugins

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THE NEW SITE IS UP FOR ALL WORDPRESS BEGINNERS!!! http://www.wordpresstipstricksandtweaks.com | In this seventh WordPress tutorial for beginners, I show you how to install WordPress plugins, what to look for when picking out a plugin and how to decide of a WordPress plugin is good or bad.

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Cathy Chester says:

Thank you SO much for this tutorial. QUESTION: I want my blog to be 1 page
only. Can I only have the blog page and not the “About” page? Can you
explain how this would affect anything and if it’s possible to have only 1
page? Thank you.

Matthew Kinman says:

I always wondered what Press This does, thanks for the explanation and the
reminder to backup my content. Thanks for sharing.

Angela Litterio says:

Hi Robert, I’m not sure what happend to my ‘like button. I installed a
plugin by AJBatac (it worked up until now). That has disappeared – not sure
how. So I deactivated and uninstalled, then re installed. Nothing. So I
activated the one you show in your video by Dean Peters. It still doesn’t
show anywhere. (no response from my WP Weater II Pro forum yet..). Any
thoughts as to what’s happening? Thank you!

Walt Socha says:

I’m using Twenty Twelve and have been unable to install a Facebook like
button. I’ve tried several different plug ins. Suggestions? thanks – walt

love2write58 says:

I’m having a problem getting the “life” button onto my page. I installed
the plugin and updated the option, but it still does not show up on my home
page. (which is where I placed it) Is there a step somewhere I missed?

ayazhemi says:

Thank you Robert for taking the time to make these videos they really help

AppPro says:

You Incredible when explain everything, I hope that you will still do this
for people like me thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank
you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you
Please let me know when you add others tutorial like this

Robert Wimer says:

@id0leyex If you are seeing it on my tutorial series, it’s because I had to
do a search for the plugin and install it. Let me know if downloading it /
installing it works for you.

Robert Wimer says:

@mutumbakenya It looks like who ever designed the site installed a plugin.
This allows the content that you see at the bottom right hand corner to be
seen. It’s a matter of searching for the plugin on the web, as well as your
WordPress admin console.

Jorge Perez says:

My search engine doesnt have a SexyBookmarks

Angela Litterio says:

Thank you, Robert. Very informative on how many plugins to choose. Can’t
wait to get started!

gLUT says:

nice video!there is a section at acertain website (mzoori.com) in the
bottom right called open outcries .Could you be knowing how they do that?

id0leyex says:

i dont have a plugin option at all… how do i get it?

Cathy Chester says:

Thank you for your prompt response. I guess I have changed my mind and will
leave as is. FYI: I have gone through your tutorials step-by-step. I watch
your video, look at my own blog-in-progress while you are teaching. It is
fantastic! Thanks for taking the time to make these tutorials.

id0leyex says:

ok i got my plugin opts… but now i cant c a WP super cache… i saw a W3
super cache but it was not installed already

Robert Wimer says:

@Shifraeliezar Yes, you can have just a blog site. In your “Settings” under
the “Reading” option, choose the option at the top to read your latest
posts. You don’t have to include any pages at all. Hope this helps.

SunSourceSolar says:

I just subscribed. Thank you very much! Mucho useful. 🙂

Robert Wimer says:

@Shifraeliezar You are so welcome. Glad they’ve helped.

Ross Englefield says:

It appears that the author of that plugin had inserted some undesirable
code, and that the plugin has been removed. I found a post on the WordPress
forums about it.

love2write58 says:

I’m also having trouble finding the sexybookmark plugin. 🙁 Is there
another one you might recommend?

Robert Wimer says:

@id0leyex So,..to be clear, you do not see “Plugins” on the left of your
admin page? If you don’t, then you need to contact your web hosting company
and see if they can resolve it on their end. There is no option to show or
hide the “Plugins” section.

Mobiletherapeutics says:

What do you do if your Dashboard does not have the Plugins option?

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