Working With the My Calendar Short Codes in WordPress

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In this My Calendar Plugin for WordPress Video Tutorial You Will Learn:

– How to use the My Calendar short codes to display your calendar(s)
– How to use the My Calendar short codes to filter the display results

My Calendar free plugin for WordPress allows for:

– Setting up recurring calendar events (daily Mon-Sun, daily Mon-Fri, Weekly, Monthly, same day e.g. Thursday each month, same date e.g. 24th each month, custom)
– Setting up one-time events covering multiple days such as a convention
– Multiple calendar displays
– Powerful filters for specific calendar information to show on your pages, (sort by geographical area, zip code etc.)
– Easily add, edit and delete calendar events
– Support for displaying calendars from a central plugin on multiple websites
– Much more

My Calendar can be downloaded and installed from your WordPress plugin page.


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