YouTube Channel Gallery WordPress Plugin Overview

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In this video we demonstrate the YouTube Channel Gallery WordPress Plugin and show why it’s so useful to YouTube Content Creators as a way to categorize and display their content to their fans.

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Eli the Computer Guy says:

▶ YouTube Channel Gallery WordPress Plugin Overview – YouTube

GothicSocietyClan says:

awesome Video! Thank you so much!

Wild Academy says:

For anyone having the stepping thumbnail issue on the new version of this
You need to go to the “text” tab at the top right of the text field. From
there you will see that your code is wrapped in


You need to remove those. Then your thumbnails will align properly. 

Glenn Ferrell says:

Eli – great video! I noticed in your site that when you click on a
thumbnail the video plays in the player. However, when I installed this,
clicking the thumbnail (by default) is taking me to As far as
I can tell, there is no shortcode setting that solves this problem.

How do you get thumbnail clicks to play videos in the player?

Muthoni Wambugu says:

Is there a way I can get the videos to show in a popup/lightbox format
instead of at the top of the page and also introduce pagination?

Gold Coast School of Beauty Therapy (GCSB) says:

Can you get on with it please. We have already know what it is , That is
how we found you . Just show us how to use it. You spend nearly 5min
talking. You should also show what needs to be done at the youtube site. 

DUdoubleFdotE says:

very nice video! i have the youtube channel gallery plugin on my site but
my thumbnails are not lining up straight. they are showing up but at an
angle ive tried just about everything is there any way to fix that?

PreetiRasoi says:

Thank you for this valuable information. I tried in my website. It works

Kazu says:

I’ve got the plugin to work properly except for one thing. The thumbnails
redirect to youtube instead of playing the video on the page like it does
in your video. Do you know why this happens?

Apparently this problem is only in Chrome but not in Firefox.

Susan Kay Wyatt says:

I need a plug in that allows people to read the video description AND be
able to share it from my website. The one I am using now doesn’t do that.
It doesn’t look like this one does either.

fetor41 says:

Christ 8 minutes to get to the point……

kissythecutie says:

another great lesson.your ideas are expressed vividly…but is there a
plugin like this that can work inside membership sites? lets say i want to
use youtube to host my membership videos and a service like leadplayer to
remove ads from youtube videos and i want videos inside my membership site
to be shown as a gallery…what do i need to do?

Softviser LTD says:

Do you have a video were you just say the important things? i don’t have
time to watch it all… like for example: show how to insert a video inside
a page (not playlist)


Do you lecture on C++?

cpthemonstergamer says:

You’re the man now dog. This is great, thank you for your post.

James James says:

LOL – is there a moral scruples plugin? :

Yonn Lopez says:

This is cool

Larry E says:

Eli’s is young and retired! Thanks for video! Great help!

Pocbooks says:


Ellsworth Dansby says:

Yes Indeed, Much Better. Thank Eli Sir.

The Crested Frog says:

Ty sir it was helpful….you do yap a lot but that is what fast forward is
for 😉

TheSincererAlmond says:

thanks for toning down those fucking lights, that shit got on my nerves.

Hussein Al-Ahmed says:

Thanks Eli!

brkrab says:

good nice clip

Mel Greyeyes says:

Thanks, Eli TCG! That makes it easy peasie!

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