Youtube Gallery Plugin For WordPress – Video Tutorial

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For an extensive full link tutorial on how to create a custom website with WordPress using the same theme as the one I used for this tutorial, check out:

In this tutorial video, I demonstrate how to use a Free WordPress plugin called TubePress to create a clean looking YouTube gallery for your website. The gallery will display thumbnail images of the YouTube videos that will open up in a YouTube player when clicked.

You have complete control over which videos you want to display in your gallery. I will demonstrate how to:
-Display videos from your playlist or from any playlist on YouTube
-Display videos from a particular YouTube channel

This is a great plugin for people who have a YouTube channel or who want to display a lot of YouTube videos on their website. This is a great addition to a website and will definitely give you a professional look.

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You can also have as many unique video galleries as you want. If for example you wanted to have a gallery on page 1 with a playlist with the ID of PL976B63B19B10843A and on page 2 you wanted a Gallery consisting of videos from a playlist with the ID of 6FB4C94909198AB7, your shortcode for page 1 would look like:

[tubepress mode=”playlist” playlistValue=”PL976B63B19B10843A”]

and your shortcode for the gallery for page 2 would be:

[tubepress mode=”playlist” playlistValue=”6FB4C94909198AB7″]

For more examples, visit:


helios says:

i’ve left a message on the wordpress forum re that message. and am looking
at youtube channel gallery plugin now. thanks. maybe if i get a solution
back from forum i’ll be able to follow through on your video instructions

helios says:

hi josh, i installed that plugin TubePress and when i activated it it said
“The plugin generated 249 characters of unexpected output during
activation. If you notice “headers already sent” messages, problems with
syndication feeds or other issues, try deactivating or removing this
plugin.” what to do?? i dont like the sound of it. Im upgraded to WP

Sam Schillström says:

Does this work on mac?

Jens Larsen says:

Hi Josh! Thanks for your video tutorial. I really get a lot of great info
from your channel!

FAROUJA Amel says:

Thanks for the video, very helpful and easy to inderstand. God bless you.

glory Ramsey says:

This was an awesome video, thank you! ?? do you know how we can have it
play videos in this gallery without showing related videos at the end?

Anthony Yaghobi says:

I love you man this made my night ty 

fh poae says:

good (y)

Jim Crawford says:

Very nicely done. Thanks.

masood jamily says:

Hi thanks again for the video. I seem to be missing some kind of link to my
Tubepress page. When I’m done with text editor page and go to my Tubepress
page, only Tubepress heading and the Tubepress in the brackets show. Any

Cecil Anang says:

Thanks man! At last a video that delivers what it promises… sigh. Nice
and simple and clear instructions. Well done- I enjoyed it and most
importantly – it worked:-)

Jeremy Ballance says:

Hi Josh……all of you videos are excellent. Thank you!

Charles McCune says:

now this is not bad if you have only one list you want to display, but if I
have videos on different events and ideas like one page is construction
video’s and another is how to videos, and so forther and I want a different
video list for each page or different list of videos. cant do that with
this plug in. what can I do to set them up as if they were Pics gallery
were I can display them in a grid format like you can pics for different
areas of my wordpress pages. 

Shaun Bennett says:

As always, great tutorial. 

JaiBabaKi says:

i cant see my uploaded videos after using my channel name…. plz help.
also tell me any plugin for images too…. thanks

Glive123 says:

thanks ever so much for the video, it was really easy to follow.

William Zodda says:

I installed the plug in but it does not show the page where you can
organize the videos. The plug in tube press does not appear in the settings
menu like yours does. Why is this do you think?

Mike Amato says:

Done!! Thanks, man. Very easy to follow.

syed talha Shamim says:

thanku sir

David Amos says:

How do I use TUBEPRESS to access my UNLISTED videos from my channel?

helios says:

ignore my last question 🙂 i need to go do and find out 🙂 thanks so much
for your lovely videos.

Matt Dempsey says:

Thank you for the vid WPSculptor

KJ Mansfield says:

Thanks Josh for another excellent easy-to- follow tutorial. I installed a
video gallery on one of my sites after watching this tutorial in under 30

Dan Suda says:

awesome! love most of you tutorial. superb!

Ryan Stricklin says:

These tutorials are very easy to follow. You’re a good teacher, thank you.

Andrew Packer says:

That did the trick, thanks again Mr Sculptor.

wpSculptor says:

Thanks! Haha. You are welcome!

helios says:

thanks. very informative. i have a question: you type in (TubePress) into
the text area of a page and save. i have a question:what if you have two
different pages with different sets of youttube videos, how does WP know
which set of youtube videos to show ? cos in the code (TubePress) it just
says that and nothing else. hum? p.s, i am a long way off doing this step,
but the question came to mind.

Tress USA says:

Thanks SO much.

wpSculptor says:

You are welcome KJ, I really appreciate you letting me know!

Nichole Holland says:

Is there a way to create more than one playlist to create different
galleries to use on different pages? Any advice?

Simon Morel says:

So easy and clear to follow. Really great to have someone who takes time to
go through all the options and not just rush through. Great tutorial,

wpSculptor says:

Thanks Misty! You are extremely welcome! I’m glad I can help.

wpSculptor says:

Thanks Nadeem, will do!

Ricardas Iluvataru says:

Thanks Josh, but is it poisble to put different video playlist on different
pages? And if so where can i look up? Thank you again.

wpSculptor says:

You’re very welcome!

wpSculptor says:

That is an excellent question Ricardas! At first glance, I didn’t think you
could do that but I was wrong! You can actually have complete control and
can have as many unique galleries as you want using shortcodes. I’ll add
how to do that to the video description. Thanks for commenting!

wpSculptor says:

Awesome. You’re welcome Andrew.

Spook SEO says:

I have been watching videos regarding wordpress these days to find out if
there is a technique/strategy that I am missing out. Anyway, despite the
fact that I already know this strategy even before I watched your video, I
would still commend it for I cannot deny that your tutorial is very clear.
Newbies will surely find this very informative.

wpSculptor says:

Thanks Ryan! I appreciate your comments!

Nadeem Mahboob says:

Well Done, I was Looking For that. keep comming more video to help for
newcomers. thanks alot and God bless you.

Misty Dawn Light says:

Thanks for great clear instructions. This will be a big help for me as I
build my channel and playlists.

wpSculptor says:

Thanks Dan! I’m glad you are able to utilize them!

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