Add Menu Items To The WordPress Toolbar & Fix Your Navigation Menu

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This is a WHOPPER quick-tip…more like a full lesson, showing how to add custom menus to the WordPress toolbar and fix the top nav menu.

Based on a question from a student, this video will empower you with confidence and enable you to add another “skill” to your freelance web design toolkit.

This perfectly exemplifies our modular (Lego style) “learn as you earn” method of teaching you skills that will make you in demand with WordPress clients. Why go anywhere else than

More training like this is available at our community site.


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And yes…around 7:17 I have stated x and y axis backwards! Send all
notices of lawsuits to “Dewey Chetham and Howe” when you SUE ME ;-)

Ian Delemare says:

TY Spencer :)

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