Changed WordPress Blog Address in Settings–Locked Out? How to Fix!

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Changed WordPress Blog Address in Settings–Locked Out? How to Fix!


David Brandt says:

Excellent! 6 years later, this video is still awesome. You just saved me
today! Thanks.

DMan7777 says:

You have just saved my life after I completely took down our company’s
website!! Thanks!

Rabid Poultry says:

Can someone explain to me how to use phpMyadmin, I’ve created an account
for MySQL Databases which then logs me into phpMyAdmin, but I don’t know
where to go from there. I dont see anything pointing to my wordpress site
anywhere, please help…

salman ahamed says:

how to get cpanal and how to use it

Brian Lade says:

Thank you so much, I thought I may have been screwed. Good video and was
easy to follow.

Eduardo Baroni says:

Thanks a lot, Man. I don´t know why I did a stupid thing like this but you
save me.

Mj Hub says:

Thank you very much . This video saved my life too. Very Well Done!

nigem8 says:


tlsxtp says:

your instruction saved me. THANK U! THANK U!

Nick Marazita says:

ditto what they said… very clear!

rashidp2 says:

Thanks a million for that…saved and helped a lot.

salman ahamed says:

is cpanal in free

Monica Bella says:

Is it possible just to make the Home URL ‘.com’ without put ‘/blog’ at the
end.. so it would be easier to search?

Bipin Anand says:

Thank you! you the man!

Murphdog85 says:

Thanks a million. I was working on a site for work and stupidity got the
best of me (changed the url). I thought I was doomed. Thanks again for the

Guilherme Amorim says:

Thanks dude!

Tom Pike says:

Your instructions were about my problem exactly. Thanks for the help.

Binary Options says:

shit. you saved my life!

JPBlann says:

You sir, are a legend. Thankyou so much

David Abramson says:

Albert Einstein once said, “If you can’t explain something simply, you
don’t understand it” and this was as simple as it gets. Thank you!

Scott Roberts says:

you are the man!!!! thanks so much for posting this. saved me!!

Paul Duggan says:

You saved me so much!!! Thank You!! Thank You!!!

dulces4you says:

thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!!!!!!

Callum McCormick says:

Very nicely done. Good man.

OooohSnapp says:

Thank you very much! Very clear video. I had been on the blogs, seen all
kinds of instructions and couldn’t figure out how to clean up the mess I
had made. Spent all sorts of time trying to undo my mistake and this video
finally got me back online! Very greatful to you sir!

tylernchls says:

what if I dont have php admin saved on my computer anywhere? the person
just gave me the admin password to control the site

McDo76 says:

Nice! Very usefull video

Rami Mackay says:

SO so helpful!!

rictagirl says:

Life saver!

shalzam says:

Awesomely helpful and clear. Thanks so much!

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