Fix SCM Player Problem (Redirection) – tumblr / blogger / wordpress

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In this video i’m going to show you how you can fix your problem with the scm player on tumblr or any other blog lige blogspot, etc. without having to delete it or using another music player.
You get the alternative code here:

This is how it works:
You need to replace some code (the footer/header of your old scm player code)
You generate some random code with the site i posted above und change the beginning and the end of the original scm player code as i show in the video.
Then you post it back in your custom html and the player works fine again.

Hope I could Help 🙂

Very rarely this doesnt work because tumblr gets confused by some weird signs that it created itself from some apostrophes in the title of the song. Anyway if it doesnt work, you can just make a new code on and you’ll have the same design as before. 🙂



Internet Street Radio ISR says:

worked thank u!

Puku Candylover says:

it didn’t work with me and i need EXACTLY what you did -_-

201katara says:

i’ve been searching for a fix for this problem for the longest time: when
you put an SCM player into your theme.. the videos can’t enter full screen
anymore. Previously on my theme, you were able to click the full screen
button for embeded videos from dailymotion, youtube, vimeo etc… after I
added an SCM player: the button to enter full screen disappeared alltogther
🙁 Also, video’s uploaded directly to tumblr can’t enter full screen
anymore either. How can you fix this problem?? 

Charles D says:

Didn’t work….also it was really confusing because it went by too fast…

Barrosy Gaming says:

Nope it still doesn’t work.

Angela Issa says:

It made my tumblr into one column and the player is still not working

Troo Kidd says:

Thank you!!!! ^.^

xSplinteZzx says:

and bytheway , it works on the scm music player site itself

Laura Darla says:

It did not work for me 

sayson jerald says:

didn’t work for me But i Change the Redirection name to my blogger name

xSplinteZzx says:

please helpme 🙁

i havethat playlist when i putt it under
it doesnt work at all and keeps saying’the costum html theme appears to be

BadArtProductionsInc says:


Amanda W says:

You are a life saver!! I spent two-three hours making a playlist and
couldn’t get it to come up on my page until I found this! Thanks!

BadArtProductionsInc says:

Yep, i experienced the same problem with another blog i have. This happens
when there are some special signs (‘, ³,$,…) in your songtitles. Then
Tumblr modifies the html when saving so it doesnt get confused. But then it
can’t reinterprete those signs later when you change something. Like
repasting it or modifying it. Thats why it doesnt work. You can either try
the import mode on song-player(dot)com or you’ll have to regenerate the
complete code. But then it’ll defenitely work 🙂

TheGypsyFae says:

Oh my god thank you soooo much! I was about to lose it, like ugh how did
this happen! Lol. You’re amazing, and now my problem is fixed! (: If I see
anyone else having this problem today I’m gonna send them your video! (: <3

WolfgangTheHusky says:


BadArtProductionsInc says: 😉

BadArtProductionsInc says:

cause it didnt work for me that way. it wouldnt generate the new code

TheDsb03 says:

thanks! that really helped!

JacobLee says:

Any reason you don’t have people simply import their old music player to
song-player? You have the option to paste all of your old code instead of
doing all this complicated stuff, but when I did that on wikplayer which
also lets you import your old playlist; the quality of my music was
terrible than it used to be and that’s the only reason I’m giving this a
chance.. hopefully it sounds a bit better.

Justin Adams says:

Thank you.

juliajulia01020355 says:

perfect 🙂 thank you for coming to the rescue within a day!!!! what a hero.

Jatz Wilson says:

thank you so much i intend on finding your blog now and following. I’m also
going to advertise this video in case my followers are having the same

Yamell G says:

I did this and now the music plays! but it only shows my background and not
my pictures 🙁 please help me

JacobLee says:

SCM Player is working again

Deanna Vasquez says:

I think its cuz the link in your description just takes us the scm player

Wayne H says:

I just tested by generating a complete new code with one song on
song-player. I picked a random song and tried it with special signs and no
special signs in the title. Afterwards I imported both scenarios to my
tumblr to test each. Neither worked. Help? :s

BadArtProductionsInc says:

what do u mean?

Yu Ichtacatl says:

Thanks god. ;3;

Salih Kızıldağ says:

My SCM player cuts the bottom of the permalink page, regardless of its
position. Any fix to this? I mean I can’t scroll to bottom when SCM player
is on my page.

Denis Couto says:

youtube error 2 : invalid link now?

Rain Jeny says:

thank youuu, you just saved my life q.q

Wayne H says:

The volume bar and the song slider are not functional. Do you have a way to
fix those?

BadArtProductionsInc says:

though i put that in now. thanks 😀

l4ur3nn98 says:

i did what you asked but now my player is all mucked up and i cant see the
pause button, etc. its like the words are on top of each other

Cihan Batuhan Ertas says:

dude thanks for the video whats the soundtrack:)

Cool Jet RockOn says:

Thanks for the help!!!

Geonaute2 . says:

Your video helped a lot man. THANKS!!! By the way, how did you find this

Rania Vailakaki says:

you are so loved now :’) thank youu

Will says:


Fame603 says:

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mariah Snellings says:

My bottom banner isnt showing up but the songs are playing….

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