How to fix a wordpress permalinks error

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This is the most common fix to a permalinks error with wordpress, however it is not the only fix.

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RXHostUK says:

Glad we could help 🙂

Maria Mastalerz says:

Thanks for putting it so succinctly! It’s just what I needed.

TheSuratEP says:

Thanks for the simple post….I had /%category%/%postname%/ and it was
throwing an error. The wordpress permalinks page has that as an example.
Will it show the category in the link though?

RXHostUK says:

thanks 🙂

MsAstroStone says:

(*o*)/ WOOT! Three blogs fixed in a few seconds. I appreciate your video
so much I’m going to share it on Twitter and Facebook. xoxo

Realpcgeeks says:

Thank you my friend. It worked 🙂

RXHostUK says:

@thesuratep Open a support ticket. Support (at) and we’ll try
to help

theflashnblade says:

your a legend man, 53 seconds in my site was back to normal. Cheers

Amila Sampath says:

thanks lot .I wish you a good luck .thanks a lot for your help.I have an
problem in my blog and now I fix it

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