How To Fix Blurry Images In WooCommerce (WordPress)

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Close Are the product images & catalog images blurry on your e-commerce WooCommerce (WordPress) website? In this video learn how to fix blurry images in WooCommerce. We’ll be using Google Chrome’s Inspect Elements developer tool to figure out the correct image dimensions to use, as well as the Regenerate Thumbnails plugin to re-create image thumbnails. In this video I’m using the “Mystile” WooCommerce theme.



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77webstudio says:

How to fix blurry images in #WooCommerce & #WordPress ? Find out in this
quick video tutorial. (NEW)
How To Fix Blurry Images In WooCommerce (WordPress)
#images #thumbnails #howto #tutorial 

Sri Mohan says:

Thanks so much! suffered so much w this problem!

Tahj Stephens says:

hey, do you know how you would fix the image if its not fitting it the
required space. The images i have are being cut off because they wont fit
which is making them distorted and blurry

Leslie Stott says:

Thank you so much! That solved my problem perfectly!

Oh my Print Solutions says:

Thank you!! This has been bothering me for ages!! Finally my website looks
great again! =D

Chris Robitaille says:

very helpful, great tutorial

Alex Kweifio-Okai says:

PERFECT THANKYOU!!!! think i’m in love

Susan Rodgers says:

Thank you so much. I was dreading having to try something complicated and
this was so easy. Great video, great explanation.

Menno van der Krift says:

Cheers for the vid! Was almost pulling my hair out over this one … :)

Bashia Galt says:

Thank you for that! Fixed all my issues!!! 

Steve Corbett says:

Brilliant! I checked out every single help video on youtube – this was the
only one that worked. Thank you so much for your help. Steve – London

Patty Fernandez says:

OMG! Thank you! Finally I know how to resolve blurry images.

Andrea Ruffini says:

Hi Katrina, you saved my life! I have been fighting for a week with that
problem! Thank you so much!

Joshua MacFall says:

Works like a charm! Thanks for sharing.

CaliCoTek says:

you are so cute i love your voice and u are a smart cookie, woot woot 😉 <3

Jesse Brownstein says:

Great tutorial. Thanks!

Yenaled Group says:

Thank you. Is there any way to improve the ‘Related Products’ images at the
bottom of the page?

Mashy Sharma says:

Hey Katrinah !!! Thank you so very much for this video. I’m quite new to
web store’s & developing. This video helped & saved me a lot of headaches.
Must say the most useful video / article found after searching so much
online ! Thank you so much once again 🙂 Now I’ve subbed to your channel &
your Google+. Cheers & Thank you once again :)

Emil Leedham says:

Thank’s for the tutorial it’s been a great help. Just a quick time saving
tip in finding the HTML code related to the image is RBM click on the image
then a list appears at the bottom of the list LMB click on “Inspect
elements” then the developer tools window should open with the relevant
HTML code highlighted so don’t have to spend time rummaging around looking
in the HTML code. 

Slaytanic Sal says:

This is awesome, you are the greatest!

KJProductions08 says:

Seriously; great job! Thanks. . . .

Becky Blacow says:

Fantastic tutorial – thanks so much!

FanofDocumentaries says:

That helped me solve my problem! Thank you!

Lucas Tavares says:

Thanks! Greatins from Brazil :)

Ell Hill says:

this was *so* super helpful thank you!

makedaevilmage says:

Wow that plugin worked wonders 😀 my webshop looks so much better now :D

Kannan Singaravelu says:

how can i increase the category and single product image size from the
default one? I have image size of 357×800 and the images cropped into
500×500 px randomly. Is there a way to fix this?

Albert Liau says:

Thank you so much for this great tutorial. you’re amazing!! I was banging
my head on the wall thinking there was something wrong with my photo taking
skills! Can I please ask what can I do to fix the blurry image of my blog
photo thumbnails on my blog page? I guess it’s a similar problem as the
photos in my blog itself are alright but it’s just the blog thumbnails on
the main blog page that sometimes has the blurry problem. I am using
Mystile. thank you very much.

Watcharachai Hatta says:

Great tutorial. You saved my life.

Thank you very much.

Pancake Creative says:

Thanks! Super helpful!

kruger2006 says:

When I changed all my images from .jpg to .bmp it made them clear. Seems
like the simplest solution. The only weird thing is that when you edit
each product now with the .bmp images, the “Product Image” (on the bottom
right side below “Product Gallery”) is a dot rather than an image like it
used to be when it was a .jpg file. Nevertheless, it seems like the image
is there, but WordPress just presents it as a dot.

Moon Wong says:

Thank you so much for your video tutorial.
I have a question. Is it I need to upload the same image with 3 different
size? what size of image should I upload to wordpress?

e.g. 150×150, 90×90, 600×600 

Albert Liau says:

Dear Katrinah, Thank you so much for this tutorial! I was banging my head
on the wall thinking there is something wrong with my photo-taking skills.
You’re amazing! Can I please ask what can I do about fixing my blog post
images? My guess it’s the same issue as the pictures within the blog are
fine but it’s only the pictures of each post on the main blog page that is
having problems. thank you very much.

Candice Kostyniak says:

Thank you so much for this. I about gave up on this issue entirely after
endless css edits. This was great!

Kayum Sattar says:

My site looks so much better. thanks you’re a star!

Marcello Cornello says:
Debby Carter says:

this was helpful – thanks. I’ll give it a try!

Omer Farooq says:

Hi Katrina, thank you for the efforts your are putting into bringing joy
and pleasure in people’s lives. Will you please tell me how I can recognize
a comment as a spam or a real comment besides what I asked you previously a
week ago, I am not sure if you got my comment or not. Thank you Katrina.

Sashika Theekshana says:

Great tutorial..Thank you Katrinah !

Eyal Hendel says:

As always, its a great pleasure hearing you – Thank you! 

KievPilitry says:

Great tutorial, thank you so much =)

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