Introduction to “The Loop” on WordPress

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The Loop is the main process in WordPress, as it indexes and displays blog content on your WordPress-powered website. Dan and Scott take you through The Loop and how to influence and change it.

WordPress is a powerful CMS for web developers and designers, and The Loop is where it all starts.

Examples and Explanation:
Our Studio:
The Loop:


wu yan says:

very nice tutorial…

thx and god bless…

a sincere blessing from hong kong…


Mandi Grant says:

Wish I read the comments first, there’s no code in this video, it’s more
like a talk show!

Matt Medeiros says:

*What the LOOP is going on?!* Learn the basics of the WordPress loop in
this episode of FreshDev!

Gregory Gainsborough says:

Hey fellas… looks like some great content, but you just made three of the
most classic tutorial errors: 1) Having a lengthy introduction. It took *40
seconds*!!! People who are trying to teach themselves something do not have
time to watch 40 seconds of intro. If you must have an intro, keep it 5-10
seconds. 2) Having theme music… guaranteed to spoil it for the at least
50% of people who don’t want to hear that music at the moment…! 3)
Showing your faces. We want to see the code, not you.

Gregory Gainsborough says:

Hope that’s not too mean! Otherwise, great vid! 🙂

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