Learn to Use the WordPress.org Codex at Treehouse

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The WordPress Codex is the name given to the primary WordPress documentation that lives at codex.wordpress.org. The Codex contains information for all level of users, from those who are just starting out and trying to understand what features WordPress offers, to advanced WordPress developers looking to for specific details on template tags and plugin hooks.


Atacama Humanoid says:

Why is this guy talking to me this way?

Richard Dale says:

+Tatokekokipa what are you talking about? WordPress is an open source
platform not funded by any government. Where did you get this information?
Rather than moaning why don’t you develop for wordpress if you are that
convinced it’s taking all your work. Create plugins or themes for it. It’s
just a cms there are 1000’s of them, they don’t take work from good devs as
clients will always want something bespoke to them. 

Tatoke kokipa says:

Every one with worlpress should kick them self in the face.
Just build you own templed and start from there.
or leave the work to the people who know what there doing, worldpress is a
dutch goverment funded program, design to take away the learning motivation.
people who know what they are doing (web programmers) are sellings these
worldpress sites for 5000 euro a pop.
becouse there to lazy do create there own.

Eli Prenten says:

I’ve noticed these wordpress videos are getting a lot of dislikes.
It probably has to do with the instructor. If you just listen he does
great, but the gestures and expressions are a little over the top which
turns everything awkward.

No hate to him btw, just noticing this.

Michael Guy says:

this guy is an idiot… i joined tree house and it was a joke. Why is he
acting like the 5th member of the wiggles? the first 5 minutes are shout
outs to facebook users wth…?

whatthechaos says:

Anders??? Is that you?

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