Tutorial: Fix Widget Problem on WordPress v 3.5

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This video is containing the way to fix the problem that came after you update WordPress to the newest, v 3.5.

The bug is you cannot move/add any widget to your sidebar


Jamie Jambo says:

The screen options tab will not open for me, does anyone know what the
problem may be? same goes for all my widgets, adding media, etc. Many

christian ningtyas says:

Hi Jamie, please deactivate all of plugin(s) you have and try again your
widgets, media, etc.

Isman Siete says:

Hey! I’ve done it, and I’ve returned to “normal” configuration and it works
perfectly, like in previous versions of WP. I just have a problem now with
some Plugins from the YOOtheme I’m using, the Widgekit, I’ve I can’t fix it
I will try to find other Slideshows. Thks!

Vadim Zubenko says:

if you can’t open Screen Option, add after yout site name this:
“/wp-admin/widgets.php?widgets-access=on” and open link in your browser. It
will deactivate evil

Norhan Ramadan says:

I found a fix for the problem, I had the same problem when I updated
wordpress to 3.5 to fix it you just need to delete your widget logic
visual, and I will come back to normal

lotfie says:

This is not a fix. Tjis options is always available. People are looking for
a fix to keep using the same functionality as in 3.4.

Isman Siete says:

Buff, my problem is deeper, I’ve Widget Logic Visual to organise the
widgets, and this is causing the problem with WP 3.5 cause if I activate de
plugin I can’t acces to Screen Options…

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