WordPress Theme Tutorial: Part 2 – Homepage and Functions

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In HD! Post your thoughts on the quality.

This part of the tutorial shows you how to build the homepage for your website, while introducing several important WordPress core functions in the process.

See http://codex.wordpress.org/Template_Tags for more info.

Files Used in Lesson (as of Part 3):
(Note: The index.php does NOT change in Part 3, so you are safe to use this .zip as a guide.)


Caleb Boller says:

Clear and to the point – great tutorial :)

oDJOldskull says:

My brain is a pudding after this… love php.

Daniel Perez says:


mobilusdesign says:

Thanks! Great video, well explained. I’m going to download the files and
learn from it. I’m new to php and wp. They seem much better than building
dw sites for contribute authoring – especially without a db! Good stuff!
Mike Bardeggia

andrewanimation says:

No, American.

Alam Zaib says:

Good tutorial !! (Y)

MastersunTutorials says:

man I need to keep reading my php book this is still confusing but once I
know php I am good to go I know html and css really well just not php.

harmeet singh says:

HD was great man. You are really good at explaining. I cant imagine how
good you would be actually at creating wp themes and other
designing/development work. Please show us some of your work if possible.
Would love to see some of your talent. Amazing wok.

kc6715 says:

This series is great and exactly what I needed. There are so many tutorials
about the css of themes but you really went into the php of the themes!
Great job!

wfyofficial says:

@Mastersun88 it is much easier to learn html, css and php in that order.
Well for me anyway 😛

Tenzin Dhonyoe says:

confusing as hell

Kl Malcom says:

This guy actually explains the steps…dont forget to Like this video
fellow web designers

jimdidr says:

just wondering, why does your site show the commented code code as the
header ? It does not work here, I also tried uncommenting and my header is
still empty..

James Richardson says:

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