5 Minute Local WordPress Mac Installation

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This 5 minute local WordPress install on your Mac will have you working on a WordPress site locally. Using MAMP to create a local MySQL and Apache server, benefit from the increased speed and safety of a local WordPress development environment.


Anne Meade says:

i had the same problem with the infamous “straight line quotation marks”. i
went in to the config file numerous times and replaced them with the
“straight line marks” from my keyboard. it looks like this ‘. not straight
enough apparently because what you REALLY have to do is copy and paste one
of the “straight lines” from beside the ‘localhost’ text and put them in
place. i really hope this was clear enough because that tiny difference
cost me 2 hours and 2 paracetamol!

Sam Putnam says:

Worked great for me. I changed the quotation marks, as mentioned here in
the comments.

Lmt Wetmoney says:

how do you download your wordpress files to a zip on the desktop

Dreaming of Diamonds says:

Hi, I followed every single step and when I typed in the url it wouldn’t
take me to the website, suggestions?

Radiant Rambler says:

Thank you so much! Worked perfectly, just has to put in straight quotation
marks! :)

Stephen Gray says:

very helpful

Vivek Nandur says:

Perfect explanation, thanks!

Aneeqa Chowdhury says:

Thank you for sharing 

Landon Ross says:

tried straight quotations, now all I’m getting is an error that looks like

packets out of order

Any one else have this experience?

Leon Date says:

The ‘straight’ quotation marks did the trick for me also. Something to
watch out for when changing name information in the wp-admin.php file!
Thanks for the previous relevant comments.

Angette Wiliams says:

Thanks it worked!!!!

Elliot Anderson says:

I also used straight quotes and it worked finally. Anybody know the reason
for this? I’m trying to learn how to code and dont know what the difference
is between the two. 

tayissa says:

thank you!

Sophia Andromeda says:

thank you, you wonderful human being! not a problem with your help. 🙂

Jamil Naïm says:

What would i have done without your valuable info. Many thanks from Beirut,
Lebanon :))

Kiera P says:

Thanks it worked.

Bruce Starr says:

Got it to work with those straight quotations. Thanks!

Lucia Yegyan says:

So I can log on through here, but when I use the same username and password
logging in through the website or my phone, it doesn’t work. Can someone
help please??

Ryan Vm says:

I downloaded a .tar file like some have suggested but still get the white
screen at 3:10. I feel like I have done all the steps correctly. Any

M. Vos says:

Thankyouu it worked!

Eduardo Sacco Caprotti says:

Great job mate!

John Griffiths says:

Having a few problems with this installation. Trying to make the database
name my window shows a drop down menu that says either “Recent Tables” or
“There are no recent tables”, this is not shown on the demo video. I have
the 3 items shown on the video on the left but with the word “New” at the
top, my new database name then drops to the bottom of these names and does
not display on its own. I cannot get a window that looks like the one on
video…any ideas please?

Derek Ouellette says:

HELP! Everything went super smooth until the VERY end. I logged into
wordpress and everything seemed good until I clicked “View Site” then I got
a splash page that read: “It’s a snap to create and publish your own
website from your Mac. When your site is ready, it’s just as easy to
publish it. Open System Preferences and click Sharing, then select Web
Sharing. You’re done. Your site is now available on your private network at
home or work.” I’m running the latest Mac and the option for “Web Sharing”
has been removed. I found a site to download and install the option back
into settings, I then switched it on and I still run into the same splash
page. Does anybody have any suggestions? Thanks!

Jillian O'Dell says:

This was an excellent tutorial! I know very very little about this stuff,
and I was able to do this like a pro!

Chanara Casey Richmond says:

Very Clear. But at 3:05, type in: “localhost:888/wp-admin/install.php” –
ENTER – the next page is blank white. Bummer. Thanks anyway.

Yara Matar says:

thank you! great tutorial!

Sharmistha Dutta says:

Hi after installing MAMP and clicking on Open start page i do not get this
msg Welcome to MAMP
If you can see this page, MAMP is installed
on your Mac and everything is working! instead i get Not Found

The requested URL /MAMP/ was not found on this server. Please Help.

Kyle Weber says:

How do I create multiple websites as you would using wordpress online?

Sarah Fanning says:

Yep! The ‘straight’ quotation marks do the trick!
Thanks for the info!

Matt Shilcock says:

Should have been more comprehensive. How many people have reported problems
with this?

ibmpc28 says:

Very good explanation, Well done

Very helpful 

Sjaak Poiesz says:

tanx….. it’s so easy

BoGnar26 says:

I was having the same issue as many of you guys (typed in ”
http://localhost:8888/wp-admin/install.php” and was receiving an error
message) and after re-installing and starting from scratch a few times I
found out what the problem was. When editing the wp-config.php file in
TextEdit, the apostrophes on the parts that I edited were “curved” for lack
of a better word, and the apostrophes on all the other text were just a
straight little vertical lines. I copied the “straight” apostrophes and
inserted them into my edited text, saved the TextEdit file, and it worked.
Hopefully this helps some of you guys out.

Dana Altman says:

I had the same problem where when I typed the
“localhost:8888/wp-admin/install.php” the page would not be displayed. I
found the problem after an hour of guessing! When I went back to MAMP
preferences I found out that in the “Apache, Document Root” section, the
folder needed to be pointing to the “htdocs” folder. Hope this will help
some of you..

Lisa Sandoval says:

Did you change the wp-config file on textedit. I had this same problem but
I first changed over the info on dreamweaver. I redid everything but just
worked from the text box instead and it worked

FormerlyPaper says:

Hi Cindy. wp-config-sample.php is part of the core WordPress download which
you can get from WordPress(dot)org. First you install WordPress (by
following this video) and then you install your theme.

Matt D says:

Awesome dude, you rock!

clichethinker says:

I have been banging my head against a brick wall these last few days, but
it all clicked into place with your video. the install.php file was missing
for some reason so I had to re install the wordpress package. Thank you

MrBongoEdmonds says:

Thank you for this clear and concise tutorial~ videos like this are what
make the University of You Tube great!

Troy Liam says:

This is the best, asI tried multiple times in windows and only to find out
that I can get it working in Mac best and faster within 5 mins. Awesome Vid!

Richard Fitzpatrick says:

Very helpful…great vid!!!

Jewtuber says:

MAMP i think… its very simple to use!

Michael Dunn says:

Brilliant! I’m a tech moron, yet managed to follow these instructions.
Thanks a lot.

FormerlyPaper says:

There’s a few comments above on how to solve this.

FormerlyPaper says:

Uninstall everything and start from scratch 🙂

bee bop says:

FML it didnt work for me 🙁

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