Ajax Demonstration in the WordPress Admin

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This tutorial walks through the process of using ajax in your WordPress plugin admin pages.


Somchai Sansomboonsuk says:

Thank you for doing this video, it’s give me some idea for my widget

Stephanie says:

Thank you for this tutorial 🙂 It really helped me with my plugin :)

Somchai Sansomboonsuk says:

Good Ajax demonstration

pushpendu mondal says:

Thank you ,really a great help.

adamcbowen1 says:

How about updating the user foreach query? Like a progress bar?

Loc Nguyen says:

Thanks so much for a great tutorial !

Kalyani Vaidhya says:

its very helpful. thankyou

Bunnaro Kep says:

Thanks you man!

rishabh aggarwal says:

Thanks alot 

norkhairi misdi says:

#WordPress #WordPressPlugins #WordPressAjax #Ajax

Very cool video by +Pippin Williamson about using #Ajax in creating
#WordPress plugins.

projektaprikot says:

Fantastic instruction. I can’t count the minutes and hours I’ve wasted in
the time void that is the WordPress Codex, but you’ve saved me tons of them
today. Thank you! Nonce lives

Adhara Adi says:

Really.. really..really excellent explanation about wordpress ajax! I’ve
been searching for the WP ajax structure a whole hour! 😀 Thank you in a

Esteban Cuevas says:

Checks for h t t p referer (in any php or web app, like WordPress and
check_admin_referer) CAN be bypassed easily by someone who knows. Referer
can be spoofed. That check (referer) shouldn’t be used ALONE, but can be
used in conjunction with (in this case) WordPress nonce to secure a valid
request. Pippin, really great video and live coding. Thanks for sharing 😉

Aman Manglik says:

Really helpful to understand the nuts and bolts. Thanks!

Josh Kopecek says:

Thanks so much for this video, fantastic overview. I was able to write a
working AJAX plugin in a couple of hours with this.

Kenth Hagström says:

Finally even I understand how this works! Many thanks!

BarryLaminack says:

Outstanding tutorial. Really great yet simple explanation for those of use
new to Ajax, jQuery and Plugin dev.

Smartik says:

Awesome tutorial. You are the best. I finally understood how this works.
Subscribed to your chanel for more stuff like this.

Warrick Clemens says:

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Ness Román says:

Mee too, this tutorial is fantastic! I didn’t understand how it was used
ajax in wordpress the right way, until I saw this tutorial

ronsang90 says:

thank you sir… I salute you. Now I know how to load ajax in wordpress. 🙂

Swapnil C says:

Nice tutorial. Great…….

Zelma Petroski says:

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