AJAX + WordPress : WordPress San Francisco Meetup

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Ajax is awesome. Do you know the “right” ways to use AJAX with WordPress? There are many ways to do it, but we’ll take a look at using Ajax the WordPress way in your theme or plugins to improve your sites user experience and make sure your hard work doesn’t break when WordPress gets upgraded.

Cole Geissinger (http://www.colegeissinger.com/) is a bad ass WordPress developer. At his day job, he is a Front/back-end web developer at Make Magazine and works on their WordPress properties. Cole is all about HTML5, Sass, jQuery, Backbone.js, unicorns, and sleeve tatts.

On top of his day job(s) Cole runs a meetup group in Sonoma County called WIMP (Web and Interactive media Professionals) where he organizes monthly meetups, yearly conferences, unconferences, workshops, and job listings for web professionals.

Cole’s will do a short presentation in August to precede Trent, and then Cole will be back to present again later this year. Unless you all hate him, in which case we’ll send him packing.

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