Create WordPress Website on a localhost using Xampp

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Create WordPress Website on a localhost using Xampp

In this video we will show you how to create a wordpress website and install that on a localhost using xampp.

XAMPP is an easy to install Apache distribution containing MySQL, PHP and Perl. XAMPP is really very easy to install and to use – just download, extract and start.


christopher conmigo says:

someone to help me please, after extracting the wordpress zip file to
htdocs then renaming some stuff inside, as I open the browser to show up
localhost/wordpress the browser displays an error, “error in establishing
data connection”.. what should I do? thanks in advance..

jarel101 says:

great tutorial 

Kerim Timirbulatov says:

Hey Britec, do you know: How to make it public, or accessible to other
computers just for temporarly ?

Trendials VODs says:

I get stuck at step 2… nothing happens.
I read in google many solutions but nothing worked. So depressing.

kongi99 says:

Great tutorial!
btw. He saved wp-config.php by mistake as wp-config.txt (happens to me very
often as well) . Thats why wordpress asked DB, username and password again.

Kerim Timirbulatov says:

Britec, Awesome! Thank you.

Dagz Buaquina says:

Great Tutorial Sir Britec. Thanks alot ! 🙂
But i would like to know how can i publish my site?

Royri Pastrana says:

Thank you Mr British! this was useful! 

Faisal Hassan says:

Thank you, Brian!

Bucur Ion Niculae says:

Thanks so much for this tutorial. Like it…

Annas Mouaziz says:

Great XAMPP is much better than wampserver

The Shinigami says:

hej i have create a database with the name wordpress2 cause i have create 1
with name wodpresss, but i cant find the folder with name wordpress2 , can
you help me

ferero22 says:

Thanks alot for the help!

Anthony Harper says:

Great video followed the steps and xampp and wordpress is working. I thing
I notice is when you renamed the WP-config-sample.php to WP-config, you
ended up with WP-config-php.txt when I ended up with WP-config.php. which
one is correct? Thanks in advance

Blog Event says:

Great tutorial! One question, lets say I would like to move my work to a
hosting provider, how can I do that? Same as if I would upload a backup? A
tutorial about this would be great! Thanks again!

Jack Connors says:

You ALLWAYS!!!!! make it LOOK So easy!!!! Did you go to school, or a self
Taught,, As My CPA,sais,in The USA!,They change the tax Laws, AT LEAST! 2-3
times a week,, Same as What You Do, with seems Like at leadt 1-2 times a
week, Theres some thing you Have to Learnnn ,, aND THEY ARE PAYING FOR YOUR
kNOWLEAUGE!!!! Not My Spelling!!!!!!,Opppps, Thanks As ALLWAYS,,, Jack!

Md.islamul haque Rana says:

Thank you for a nice tutorial! 

Moses Hill says:

Hi Britec.Thank you for sharing. I followed your instructions and
installed wordpress on my pc. The xampp win 32 1-8-3-5 vc11 almost froze,
took a time be installed, but now is running perfectly on my win7 64bit…
Thanks a lot from Sao Paulo, Brazil..

washitaiwanlan says:

nice wallpaper

John Turner says:

My XAMPP 3.2.1 was working fine, but now Apache only runs for about 2
seconds and then turns off. MySQL is working ok. Does anybody know why
Apache is now turning off after just a few seconds when it wasn’t doing
that before?

reaz ahmed says:

I was getting too annoyed due to setting the wordpress on XAMPP. Just
following this tutorial I have been able to successfully install the

Thank you Britec09!!!

vara d says:

I followed the steps explained for wordpress installation. It helped me to

Mints Recipes (Hindi) says:

very nicely explained. I really needed to install one

Habeas Corpus Canada says:

I followed your instructions in this video, and lo & behold, I managed to
instal WordPress in Xampp, and I’ve built a little web site. Now, what I
can’t find is how to move the site into online hosting. I can’t find any
info on this anywhere. I’m stuck with a web site whose url is localhost,
and no clue how to take it live. Big hint! Have you done a video yet on
this, if not, could you please do one? Thank you!

Emre Kaya says:

Allahına kurban

Javier Millan says:

Thank you a lot! so helpful!! thumbs up

Sheridina Rombley says:

Thanks alot for this video. Can you make more site with this localhost
using Xampp?

Wedad Abdullah says:

thank u
really useful :)

Anas Dharweesh says:

Great video , (thought it’s about an older version of wordpress) starlight
forward, thanks!

Nabila Jahan says:

Anyone could tell me, Why use xampp file if i can easily create a profile
by sign up in wordpress new blog section.?

Tony Cuckson says:

Thanks so much for your wonderful tutorial. Got my site up and running
simply following your instructions. Wonderful generosity. 

Filipe Herculano says:

Thanks mate! Really help me out!

Ronaldo David says:

superb ….. God bless you and long live the BRITEC :)

Tim J says:

How do you now transfer the website to a live server (hostgator)

Olivet Macualay says:

good tutorial, i love this!

tieinvestor says:

Great tutorial. I have an existing wordpress website already but I want to
use XAMPP to make edits offline, then send the updates to the site when I’m
done. Can I use Filezilla to rip my website and put it into the htdocs
folder? If I rip it will it take a long time?

smirkoner says:

Awesome video! Question: Can you explain the purpose of setting up the
server in phpmyadmin? I understood the instructions, but I did not
understand the reason we needed to do that. Also, how does the
username,password, and db_name change when you choose to publish your site?
Thanks for making this!

S Scott says:

my wp config sample file does not have the sql settings. It seems to be
empty of all settings

Ben Donahower says:

Great video. This got me up and running on my first go of testing locally
very quickly.

Guess Who says:

Thank you so much for you. Now I can create my own website locally.

Norm Gray says:

Great tutorial. I’ve been looking for a straightforward tutorial on how to
use a free WordPress website template on my local PC, and edit it before
sending it to a server (to save cost & time). Although this tute isn’t
specifically what I was after, it is a tremendous help. Thanks!

suman adhikari says:

very good description , great video 

paritosh purohit says:

It was so nice for a biggner and I really learned something from this !! 

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