Doing AJAX in WordPress WordPress by Micah Wood @ WordCamp

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The purpose of this presentation is to walk developers through the process of implementing basic AJAX functionality in themes and plugins. Topics covered will include best practices, client-side AJAX requests via jQuery, server-side processing of requests with WordPress action hooks, proper inclusion of scripts, localizing data and implementing nonces


aurel kurtula says:

This looks amazing but I can’t see the code and the link to micahwoo is not
working. Is there a github repo or something. I’m searching all over and
can’t find anything

Stlouis Cbc says:

micahwood dot me slash doing-ajax-in-wordpress

Kennedy Otis Nyaga says:

The video is not clear enough for people watching over youtube to see the
links you suggested. Would you please post the links . Thanks

Kennedy Otis Nyaga says:

Thanks so much for nice video on ajax and wordpress. Is it possible to get
those slides?

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